Your Work Matters

Here’s the deal: when you spend your time devoted to your passion, and your effort is rewarded by testimonials, return customers, and payment for your efforts, things begin to shift.

As you begin to see the value of your contribution, you begin to feel how essential you are to the working of the world.

You begin to deeply value your place in the world, and that self-love and self-acceptance begin to ripple out into your community.

You give that same love and respect to other people, sometimes in grand, big gestures like creating non-profits and starting movements, but also in small, soft ways like letting someone who cut you off in traffic simply move on.

Every small act of love and compassion raises the whole level of humanity.

Fulfilled people do those kinds of things because they are happy enough to have the inner space, compassion and patience to act with love.

Giving a kind, knowing glance to the mom with the screaming children in the grocery store line changes the world.

Taking a breath when someone turns to you in anger shifts perspectives. Gently stopping a hateful thought, even if it’s towards yourself, uplevels all of us.

That’s why I want you to pursue your big dreams for your business. I want you to go after what you love and pursue it fearlessly, relentlessly, like the entire world wants it for you because I might very well be the person who cuts you off in traffic and I’ll need you to smile and wave me on, so I can remember what I’m here to do, too.

That’s why it’s not only important, but essential to do what you love.  If it weren’t, you wouldn’t have a burning desire to do it.

No effort is too small.  Take step toward doing even more of what you love to do today.

The ripple effect of one heart-centered entrepreneur going after what they love and serving the people who need it is enough to change the, Diane