Your Desires are Guiding You

What do you love about what you do?

That’s the most important question you can ask yourself about your business.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think we should be doing, what we think others might be doing better, and what we’re missing.  That’s not really the best use of our time.

To get back to you, ask …

What within you is yearning to be born?

What do you dream of creating, doing, being?  Do you want to be an author, a speaker, an artist?  Do you want it so badly that “want” doesn’t even describe it?  It’s more a like a deep, aching hole in you?

Actually, that’s great news because …

That want isn’t a hole in you; it’s a beacon.

It’s like a massive, brilliant homing beacon calling that dream to you.

It’s a road map to the life you’re meant to be living.

Wanting something is the greatest gift we’ve been given.  It shows us the way.

It helps us hone in on our dream, exactly as we want it. So embrace the want.  Thank it for helping you get clear on exactly where you’re headed, for lighting your path.

It won’t necessarily be easy.  You’ll stumble, get lost, lose your way.  But when you do, always go back to that beacon.  What do you want?  What do you yearn for?

What is your heart telling you to do?

That desire is the best guide you’ll find.  When others try to turn you astray, when fear gets to be too much, when judgment threatens to swamp you, that desire will steer you back to your true path.

What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi love, Diane