You are Your Own Best Business Coach

From what I’ve seen, there are basically two ways to do business…

1. The Right Way

In the first way, you follow the trends to make your marketing more effective.  You have a Pinterest account until Pinterest isn’t so popular anymore, and when the next platform takes off, you’re ready with your new strategy to jump into it.

You’ve got a big lead capture form to take in contact info and build your list.  You regularly send out newsletters that promote your content, solve a solution for your primary demographic, and market your upcoming packages and events.  You have prominent calls to action.  You know exactly why you have all of these things–because someone successful and knowledgeable told you that you should.

This isn’t bad way to do business.  These things can work, and work well, but there might be a better way.  This is called …

2. Your Way

In this way, you still read all the marketing books and get consulting from successful and knowledgeable experts. You still try marketing strategies, and you might still have a Pinterest account, but you’re running it all past the filter of what is most fun and joyful for you to do.  

You don’t have a single “should” in your day.  You don’t have a lead capture form solely because you think you should.  You don’t have a Pinterest account because someone told you that you have to.

You have those things because they resonate with you.

You don’t get exhausted by doing marketing that isn’t meaningful to you.  You don’t get frustrated by social media strategies that aren’t fun for you.  Instead, you’re so filled up and rejuvenated by what you’re doing and your sense of essentialness to the world that you are rock-solid in your entire business plan.

You run everything by the question, “What do I most WANT to be doing right now?,” and you listen to it.

When you know down to your bones what you most love about what you do, why you love it, and who most needs it, you become extremely effective at it AND it gets easier.

You have a strong inner check system that tells you what is and isn’t right for you.  You stop spending money on expensive coaches who won’t serve you because you can quickly tell if they’re right for you or not.  You stop spinning your wheels on social media strategies that don’t produce for you.  You stop being at the effect of other marketing schemes because you can select the tools and support that will help you, and leave the ones that won’t.

You have a steady inner compass that tells you what is working and what isn’t that doesn’t depend on outside sources.

Over time, you get so clear on your own value, that it’s easy to set prices, to pitch yourself to a client, and plan your marketing strategy.  You KNOW you have value that the world needs and you’re simply getting it out there, so marketing becomes simply talking about what you love with confidence, which is all it ever really was to begin with.

This is my favorite thing to teach my clients how to do.  I don’t want you following a formula that won’t work for you.  I want you working in a way that gives you more ease and joy, and most importantly, is sustainable for you over time.

Marketing, sales, promotion, and even the day-to-day part of your job gets easier, which leads to more success.  That is my greatest wish for you–that you feel overjoyed to do your job because it is filled with more of you.  love, Diane