Who are Your Right People?

Your Right People are the people who will love you, follow you, friend you, talk with you, get on your list and buy from you.  They love your product or service and they show up to all of your events and buy all your swag, even the weird hippopotamus bumper stickers you had printed that you weren’t sure anyone would like.

Your Right People are the backbone of your business.  They refer their friends and talk you up on social media.  They also show you who you are.  Because they love you and value what you offer, they are continually showing and telling you how awesome you are.  You get good, clear feedback from them and your confidence grows from working with them.

In short, you want more of them, which is good for you because they are out there actively looking for you.

Your Right Person’s Traits

Your Right People always meet three qualifications:

  1. They need exactly what you listed as your Self-Realization and Self-Revelation.
  1. They need it now.  (This includes that they are ready for your work and their own healing/transformation/goodness.)
  1. They have money to spend on it.

Let’s go through these step by step.

#1. They need exactly what you listed as Your Thing.

Your Right People are looking for exactly what you love to do.  They love the thing you do, how you deliver it, and everything about it.  They love the way you talk about it, and the way you conduct yourself in business.


The important thing to realize here is that Your WHAT directly solves their Pain.  Whatever it is that keeps them up at night, whatever is bothering them, whatever they desperately need a solution for is directly and completely served by what you most love to do.

Your WHAT and their Pain are two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.  After working with you, they’re happy because their pain is directly addressed by Your Thing, and you’re fulfilled because you were able to do Your Thing for someone else’s benefit.  They feel better and you feel fulfilled.

A note on Pain

Keep in mind that their Pain doesn’t have to be physical, or even all that terrible.  Some Pain can be awful, maybe they’re struggling with divorce or a death in their family.  Maybe they’re battling a horrible illness.  Those kinds of pain are easy to identify, and if you’re a healer of any kind, you know what you have to offer there.

But, some Pains are more subtle, which doesn’t mean that they’re less important, or that they need a solution less urgently.  Their Pain could simply be that they don’t feel like they have a creative outlet in their life.  That’s pretty painful, right?

In fact, they might be suffering from a terrible illness, but your art class in the sunshine might be just what they need to process what they are going through and rest in between bouts of chemo.

This isn’t a place to compare Pains or to compare our gifts.  This is to acknowledge that whatever it is that we do well serves a direct need in the world.

Even if our WHAT is to just set an example for others, that’s incredibly valuable.  If our WHAT is to simply do our art, or compete in our sport, or perform onstage, that still serves a specific someone’s Pain.

Everywhere, there are struggling artists, athletes, and actors.  They need someone to show them that it’s possible.  In fact, the rest of us need that, too.  How many times have you felt alone and scared, and you’ve watched a YouTube video of a track star doing something awesome and you’ve suddenly been inspired or motivated to write the book, finish the play or to just show up in whatever arena you’re in?

Simply doing your WHAT is all that’s needed.  Truthfully, the entire world needs it.  We all need everyone to be exactly who they are, but it’s important for you to get clear on who is watching you.  Who directly needs you to be exactly who you are?  Who says, “Thank you” when you show up as you, whether you interact with them directly or not?  These people are your Right People.

#2. They need it now.

Whatever your WHAT is, your Right People need it now, desperately.  It keeps them up at night.  They need what you have to offer and they need to move on it right away.

There are probably lots of people who need Your WHAT eventually or sometime soon.  They’re not your Right People, yet.  They will be when they’re ready, but for now, you only want people who need what you offer right away.  You can’t pay your bills with someone who will hire you one day.  You need people who want to hire you right now. 

Which brings us to #3.


#3. They have money to spend on it, i.e. get ready to receive

Your Right People will deeply appreciate and value your gifts, and they will be willing to pay for them.  Your job is to charge what you’re worth and graciously accept payment.

Here’s one of the definitive rules in business and economy: people value something according to what it cost them to get it.

When someone gets something for free, they typically don’t value it quite as much as something they had to sacrifice for.

Asking people to pay for your services can be a service to them, because it forces them to take it seriously.  It forces them to keep appointments, to value your advice and follow-through, and to get the maximum benefit of what you provide.  If you really believe in the value of your service, asking people to pay for it should feel like honoring yourself.

Graciously accepting payment that reflects the divine nature of your gifts is an act of self-love.  It should feel that way.

So, charge what you’re worth.  Let your Right People find you.  Work hard, let it fill you, accept appreciation and payment graciously, and give back generously.love, Diane