When Creating Leads to Expansion, You Create Your Own Security

If you’re waiting until you feel great to create your next thing, you could be sabotaging yourself before you even begin.

It’s so common to seek the comfort of feeling wonderful and focused before you take the big risk to create and get something out into the world.

But, this kind of waiting, this kind of hope to heal or fix whatever doesn’t feel good is the same kind of self-abuse that makes it difficult to create to begin with.

You don’t actually ever ‘heal’ or ‘fix’ old wounds. You expand to include them.

It’s not that they leave and then you can magically create. Instead, you become so big and expansive, that you gently and compassionately begin to include them in your experience.  When you do that, they stop running the show.

In your business, this ‘getting bigger’ isn’t exactly metaphorical.

You’re taking up more space, expanding your reach, taking bigger risks and serving more people.  You are quite literally getting bigger in the world.

As a result, you begin to love yourself more.  So much more, in fact, that you begin to make room for those previously disowned parts of yourself.  You can finally embrace their pain and fear without letting them swamp you.

In this way, it’s not that the creating gets easier, but it does become simpler, easier to align with, and easier to hold.  You get more efficient, and more willing to risk the judgment of others.  You’re less attached to outcomes and you’re happier to be of service.

You begin to realize that you create your own security.

Not by being perfect, but through your own self-awareness and self-reliance.  And creation becomes what it simply is … more joyful expansion.

It’s not without risk, but it no longer needs to be.

Your increased resilience and capacity gives you more space and time to be more of yourself, so creativity has more room to show up.love, Diane