What Message are You Sending Out?

Once you know what you love to do, it’s important to get clear on why you love it.  Discovering that is like discovering the building blocks of who you are.  There is nothing more powerful than knowing why you really care about something.  It is as individual to you as your DNA.

Your WHY is all about your values.  It’s comprised of the things that align most closely with who you are.  This is a big deal because when your actions (and your work) align with your values, you get a happier, easier life (and more successful, profitable biz).  It means that what you’re doing is congruent with who you are.

Even if three different people share the exact same WHAT—the thing they love to do—they most likely have three very different reasons WHY they like to do it, and that has a powerful ripple effect out into your business.

How Your Values are Affecting Your Business

Your values are coming up in your business whether you know it or not, and if you’re not conscious of them, they’re probably alienating people and/or making your life more difficult because you’re not making the most of them.

If you’re not clear on what’s important to you, you’re missing huge opportunities to reach and attract your ideal client.  Identifying your values is critical to attracting people who really need what you have to offer and to keeping them happy in a way that is easy, fun and sustainable for you.

Being is More Important than Doing

Here’s the thing, however you’re showing up in the world can be seen by everyone, especially in your business.

We all try to do the dance—you know, the one where we tap, pirouette, and leap tall buildings over heeere!!!  (all so you don’t see the weak, scared, faulty, screwed-up parts of us over here.)

But we see it, don’t we?  We all do.  You can see when someone’s scared, or jealous, or insecure, or angry.  We feel it.  And if it happens to be one of our triggers, we can smell it a mile away because it triggers us, too.

You are always sending a message out, whether you acknowledge it or not, so you might as well be conscious of it.

Once you know what’s really important to you and you honor and celebrate it, it becomes easier for you to acknowledge the parts that need some work/love.  It also becomes easier to say no to the people, places and things that don’t really fit you and won’t serve you.

Acknowledging what’s important to you is a fierce and powerful act of self-love.  That makes you more confident, more effective at everything you do, and more successful.love, Diane