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Is Your Website Sabotaging Your Business?

Here’s the deal: your website should actually be working for you.

Your website is like your best employee.

It never sleeps, it’s constantly working to bring in new clients and customers, and it is always selling you, your stuff, and growing your business.

But that’s only if it’s doing it’s job.  A bad website can actually lose you business with messaging that’s unclear, design and organization that’s confusing, and content that doesn’t build loyalty and trust.  

I designed these Website Reviews to hone in on exactly where your website is costing you opportunities.  We’ll look at SEO, content strategy, overall design, user experience, and product and service strategies.

How It Works:

Before we meet, I’ll send you an extensive questionnaire designed to hone in on your goals and struggles with your website and business.  Many people get significant insights just from this step.  

Then, I’ll send you a workbook with the Top Ten Things that Websites Miss so you can fix them before our call.

Then, you (and your team) will have a 30 Minute Zoom session with me to review your site.  We’ll go over your things like your website’s:

  • SEO
  • Design and Organization
  • User Experience
  • Sales funnel and strategy for products and services
  • Copy and content
  • Blogging Strategy

And answers to any questions you have.

You’ll Also Get:

  • A video and audio recording of our session
  • A written report with your customized 5 Most Effective and Immediate Action Steps you can take right away to improve your website’s traffic and sales

And We’ll Finish With:

  • Follow-up email support for two weeks to review your changes 

This affordable, effective review is one of the best tools I’ve developed to improve profit and cash flow.  The changes I recommend are usually small (most websites don’t need dramatic changes), but are designed to make big changes, fast.  

A Real-World Example with Jessica Johnson:

“I had the best and most efficient business call with Diane regarding my website. The tips she gave will be easy to implement, and she helped me solidify the future vision of my site with some ideas I had floating around. Love her support and energy! Thanks so much Diane!” – Jessica Johnson of BIMassage

If you want to see what inspired these packages, check me out at WordCamp Denver. After two years of serving on an expert panel for website reviews, I decided to offer this as a service because people were getting so much out of them.

Take a look… The whole hour of the one below is full of awesome info from me and two other website experts, but if you start it at 51:26, you’ll get just a few powerful minutes of me reviewing a massage therapist’s website.

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Kristen_Jorden_Tappy_Feet“Diane approached our website full of love. She was extremely excited about its strengths and complimentary about the things that worked. When she suggested edits, she always gave sensible reasoning for those changes, and never made us feel pressured to change anything we weren’t comfortable with. Conscious of our time, she efficiently went through the entire website, from top to bottom, not missing a thing. She asked us several times what questions she could answer, or what help we needed. The entire process validated the hard work I already put in to the website, and it gave me hope that, with a few tweaks here and there, we could have a dynamite, professional site.” ~ Kristen Jorden, Tappy Feet

Erin HernandezThe website review was really helpful for tech knowledge. I had no idea what SEO is and how it might help my website and having even a little insight was very helpful. Having a trained, professional pair of eyes looking at the site is great because sometimes when you have looked at something so long, you can’t tell anymore what needs help and what doesn’t. The help with my blog was so fun and helpful, which is a part of what I like about working with you Diane. Not only do you get real help, it’s usually fun too, so it doesn’t feel like so much work. ” ~ Erin Hernandez, Luminous Ground Counseling

“I cannot say enough great things about Diane!  She is a genius when it comes to websites and all things marketing.  This whole process was a positive, educational and successful. Not only did I learn so much, but she patiently listened to and answered my questions. I would highly recommend Diane and her company to anyone in need of website and/or marketing advice.  She’s a strategist and definitely someone you want in your corner when it comes to navigating the world wide web!” Author Jennifer Maitlen

Barbra Babcock“This was a wonderful introduction to the technology and process of internet design and navigating through marketing. Diane is an amazingly motivational guide into this process. I feel more confident and clear about my concept and the possibility of what I can do with my business.” ~Barbra Babcock

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Get Your Review

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and time to make big impact to your website.  Stop missing out on money, sales and clients because your website isn’t as good as it could be. Sign up for a Website Review with me and I’ll help you identify the top 5 steps you can take right now to get more traffic, sales and clients.

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