Get Clear Process and Consult

I love this process. Jam-packed with good info and clarifying insights, this amazing process is the perfect way to launch a new way of doing your business.  Whether it’s getting crystal clear on your brand and business, or developing a launch strategy for your new book release, these sessions will help you get it done.

This process is perfect for you if you want personalized attention and customized and expert advice to launch a new thing, or develop a new income stream. 

What We’ll Do: 

  • Once you email me to request a day, we’ll hop on a phone call to see what you’d like to accomplish in our session and make sure it’s something I can help you with. 
  • Then, I’ll send you my signature Get Clear on Your Brand process to complete.  This intense, thorough, 2-week process will give you the clarity and support you’ll need for our work together.
  • Then, we meet!  By now, you’ll have a great plan for our work and we’ll be able to get tons done together. We’ll spend three hours via Zoom (which I’ll record for you), going through any and all questions you have. 
  • You’ll leave with one of three things:
    • A completed Eventbrite and/or Facebook event,
    • Completed copy for your About page on your website, including a professional bio, OR
    • A complete sales funnel for your products or services, including a freebie, blog post content ideas, and a VIP offering
  • Then, you get two weeks of follow up emails where I’m happy to review whatever you’ve started to create.  

How We’ll Do It: 

Working through my Get Clear process alone is transformational.  I consistently get feedback that it changes the way people think about their business. 

In addition, our meeting will be about consistently clarifying and tapping in to your intuition and soul’s intelligence to guide us.  The two big questions you’ll hear me ask you over and over again are: 1) What do you want, and 2) What are you going to do to get it?

These seemingly simple questions are harder to answer than you might think, but delving into them and developing your brand and business strategy around them is what my work is all about.

Read more about my Get Clear process… 

Get Clear in Your Business: $1499 

If you  want some more clarity on your work and brand, or if you’re ready to make a big change and you need expert marketing advice, clear feedback and sound business strategy, these days are a great way to get expe

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Elise Campbell“Diane has helped me focus my brand, so I can attract more of the clients I enjoy. I plan to continue to work with her to take my business to each new level. Diane’s positive energy and genuine love of helping people has made working with her absolutely amazing!”

~ Elise Campbell, Fitness & Nutrition by Elise


Julie Tara“Gosh Diane! I want you to know that you are quite Brilliant!! I am so in love with how you tune in, see clearly, and verbalize impeccably about what works and what doesn’t. You truly impress me and I thank you for your insights from the bottom of my heart. I feel so trusting and safe with your recommendations.”

~ Julie Tara, author and business owner


I came to Diane because I had reached a point in my business where it was more painful to remain tightly in a bud than it was to bloom. I needed to spread my entrepreneurial wings, and knew I couldn’t do it alone, nor did I want to. She had the marketing experience and mindset that I felt would be pivotal to my own growth with a spiritual foundation. So far the experience has been fruitful.

I keep breaking through my own mental barriers about marketing and product launches. I knew I had resistance and I needed the consistent accountability and coaching sessions in order to move through it. I feel like I am finally making progress in building out my own info products and have a more expanded version of how I can do it all in an authentic way!”

~ Joetta Johnson, Priestess of Finance


Sarah Hodapp“I’ve had business coaches in the past that over-promised and under delivered. Not Diane. My coaching experience with her has been amazing, way beyond anything I could have expected. Her skill and talent has helped me get really clear on what I offer and who my right people are. Suddenly marketing is not only fun and easy, but I’m getting results.

I have gone from 2 Independent Contractors in a small office to 5 employees, a larger, brand new office and HUGE growth in my business in less than a year. That’s not even the best thing. Diane has a gift for seeing what is really holding you back in your business and supporting you to make the big (and sometimes scary!) changes it takes to grow yourself so that your business can grow in a way that truly supports your soul purpose.

Diane is more than a business coach or a branding coach, although her expertise in both of these areas is mind-blowing. Diane has created a path to clarifying who you are and who you serve in a way that leaves you no other option to shine your light bright and share your gifts with the world with confidence. She does this with years of experience, gentle guidance and a deep love for those that she works with.”

~ Sarah Hodapp, Discover Massage

Jessica Wilson

“Diane Whiddon is the *best* business coach a girl could ask for…being your client has been a gift beyond measure. The insights, the depths that we traveled to, are priceless.”

~ Jessica Wilson, Certified Life Coach

“Your words about how my sharing is affirming to the universe what I am passionately here to share  helped me to speak about my work and my expertise. Your insights are so incredibly valuable. I know I’ve said this before but I am so truly grateful you’re in my life!!! From my heart and soul, thank you Diane!!” ~ Mandy Greenlee

“Diane is very in tune with her clients. She asks very simple questions that dig up powerful insight about oneself, which helps identify strengths and weaknesses around one’s website and marketing approach. Diane helped me identify my own confidence and talents and offered suggestions on how to portray that on my website.” ~ Lesley Herrmann, Awakened Taste

“I’m am so grateful to have experienced your amazing work in this world. I feel like you truly see and understand me and the love, care, support, compassion, and insight you have so generously given me has been pivotal in my growth and since I am my biz, the growth of my bubbling empire. You bring power and empowerment to situations. You see the strengths in people and situations when they might have trouble themselves and you help us uncover our gifts.” ~ Chef Angela Huang

Lilly Calfee “You really helped me find the little gold ember in my heart, and bring it out in my copy. THAT is so valuable…. I now know WHO I am talking to, and WHY I bother talking in the first place. You helped me step into my ideal client’s skin, and experience her pain and longing. Now I know why my work is so important, and it’s easy for me to convey in my writing and my speaking. Every time I write new copy or create a new product, I go back to my notes from our meeting and get super clear on what my purpose is. Your support and encouragement throughout this growth process has been absolutely vital, and if I could grab every single one of my entrepreneur friends into your office, I would.” – Lily Calfee, Ideal Nourishment

“Thank you for the Get Clear process. Completing it, as you said, was a little tough. I really had to stop and think deeply. Several great things happened for me. I became crystal clear that this healing path is absolutely what I’m supposed to be doing…..any lingering doubts I had have been completely extinguished. That alone is wonderful, but there’s more. Your questions took me to “places” I’ve never been before.  I knew that I loved my new vocation, but I didn’t realize how much!  Nor did I notice, until you brought it up, that my work actually energizes me and makes me feel good. And it is work that I want to be known for, because it helps people better their lives and empowers them to take control of their health and their lives. The exercises also helped me get clear on the marketing tools I want to use, and I feel some enthusiasm now, that I didn’t feel before. My fears of the marketing piece of my business have mostly fallen away. Your Mini Get Clear was a home run for me…..I am very happy with my new-found clarity, it feels great!! Thank you again.” ~ Patricia Kenny, Body Code Healing

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