The Untethered Soul – recommended reads

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever read for my business was from The Untethered Soul. The book itself is pretty spiritual and doesn’t directly talk about business or strategy. (Although if you’re interested in that, he wrote another autobiographical book that includes a fair amount of that.)

But this book largely includes a lot of philosophical and spiritual advice, a lot of which is about surrender and non-attachment, largely as ways to invite more joy and peace into your life.

Nice stuff.

And while it’s not revolutionary, Singer’s easy writing style and examples make it as approachable as the subject matter allows.

And the subject matter is … deep.

It’s a profound read.  But the most important part to me is in the beginning of the book.

In the second chapter, Michael Singer invites you to listen to all the voices that run inside your head, all the monkey mind thoughts, both destructive and benign.

And then he asks you to notice who is listening to those thoughts.

To this day, I remember the exact place I was sitting in a Dazbog coffee shop in downtown Denver.  It was one of those turning point moments where my life was never the same.

All the meditation work I’d done on how to quiet my mind, all the workshops and retreats I’d been to, and all the books I’d read hadn’t affected me as strongly as that one sentence.  Who is listening?

It jerked me right out of my monkey mind and into my greater awareness.

I may have seen my higher Self in some previous dream or enlightened state, but in that moment, I met her.  How funny to realize she was me, that I wasn’t separate from her and in fact couldn’t ever be.  That awareness changed my whole life, and it deeply affected my business.

Suddenly, I was no longer prisoner to my insecurities about my services, or my fears about my pricing and the economy, or my worries about getting more clients and customers.

It didn’t wipe all my worries away, but it made it possible for me to observe them with a level of detachment I hadn’t had before.  That enabled me to feel freedom around those fears, and therefore make better decisions around them.

It’s been a huge help to me managing and running my business with more efficiency, optimism, and wisdom.

So, yeah.  I recommend this book to my clients.

If you’d like to purchase it, feel free to use my aff link below, and once you read it, let me know what you think of it!

love, Diane