The Power of Emotional Courage

As I get ready to teach a webinar on passive income (and therefore yell a lot of, “Fail a lot! Fail fast! Create, create, create! Just do anything!”) I can’t think of a more powerful message than this TED Talk from Susan David on emotional courage and the power of feeling the feels.

It’s going to be hard, folks. And no business coach or blueprint in the world is going to make that easier.

But that’s okay.

It’s actually what makes it great, if you can find your peace with it.

Going through hardships and staying connected to your experience deepens your connection with yourself (which brings the ability to love yourself more).

Going through them with others deepens and makes more meaningful your connection with others. It builds community and your capacity for joy.

Happiness lives in the hard stuff, folks. Fail a lot, forgive yourself, and wake up tomorrow and create something new.