The Coronavirus and Your Business: A Letter to Solopreneurs

Let’s talk about the current craziness in our world and how it might affect your business, both short and long-term.

Some reality about COVID-19

First, here are a few links that I’ve found to be super helpful about the virus itself.  I have been appalled at the lack of reliable information out there and have found solace and common sense in these resources:

This Medium article by Jason Scott Warner is long, but packed with info, especially about the importance of isolation, which I only am now beginning to fully appreciate.

This site has real-time Corona virus stats by country.

And this cheeky site has super clear and direct info. It’s a good site to share with your followers if it fits your brand.

I fully believe that we should share as much quality info as we can, and if you feel compelled to do so, please step up to lead by sharing information that is meaningful to you with your Right People.  I guarantee they see you as a leader, and your example will have an impact.

How Will It Affect Your Biz?

Now, to drill down into biz stuff… First of all, we are almost surely going to be isolated for a while, so hopefully you’ve already started asking yourself how much of your biz can go virtual.

If you can meet with clients remotely, now is probably the time to get that Zoom account set up if you haven’t already.  This is also the time to think about online products that will serve your people, like courses, products, and other virtual experiences you can offer.

More specifically, in the volatile economic conditions that are sure to follow, give some thought to funnels and tiers, so you can offer free and affordable options, as well as more white-glove services for people who want more help and will be able to afford it.

How Will It Affect Your Right People?

Now, let’s shift to thinking about your Right People.  How will they be affected by what’s happening?  Are the majority of your clients in a certain industry? How will the needs of that industry change during this crisis?

What were their thoughts/feelings/beliefs before the virus?  What problem were you solving for them, and how does the virus change or affect that?

And how do you solve their problem?  Do you provide inspiration, information, education, or entertainment?  Is that what they need right now, or do you need to pivot a bit?

Think about how their need for your services may shift or increase in the coming weeks, e.g. people may not have much need for inspiration now, but they might need that desperately in a month, so that might be a good time for a course or ebook on how to stay positive, or an art project to uplift them, etc.

Step Up to Serve

During this time, please take the time to support other small businesses, too.  Even if you don’t have extra money to invest in their services, take a little extra time to like, follow, and comment on posts you find useful.

Also remember that forwarding links, posts, and newsletters to others who might find them interesting is one of the most helpful things you can do to support other small businesses!  Encourage others to do the same.

Finally, consider what you can give away for free, but also what you can charge for.  Keep in mind that business strategy and product funnels are useful for you and your Right People!  They ensure that you offer free, useful content as well as low-cost offerings that will serve people, as well as higher-priced VIP services for people who want more hands-on support.

Not everyone will be in dire straits and some will be happy to invest in your course/product (and you!) if it will serve them.

Remember Yourself, Too

And on that note, keep in mind what YOU will need in the coming weeks.  You can only serve if your cup is full, too.

Is this a great time to cultivate more of your creativity?  Or to finally do the deep re-branding work you’ve been wanting to do?  Or to take a step away and rest? Always remember, you get to listen to you first.  Then, think about what you have to offer.

Small Businesses are Here to Stay

And please know that whatever happens, your business is not going anywhere.  Entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch and we will continue to thrive.  Small businesses everywhere will weather this storm.

Remember how lucky we all are to have a great resource like the internet to support us, and let’s continue to use it in a way that uplifts us all.

If anything, this is a chance for us all to step up to serve in a bigger way.  Let’s think about what those ways are.