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Stop the Self-Compromise

Stop the Self-Compromise

Stop looking outside yourself for how to run your business or career.

I know it’s tempting, especially when you’re struggling or you’ve hit a ceiling with your success and other people seem like they have access to some information you don’t have.

But, my dear, this entire line of thinking is just another way you sabotage your success.

First of all, comparison is an act of self-abuse.

Every time.  So, comparing your success and journey to someone else’s is never supportive.

And second, looking to an ‘expert’ for help, looking to someone for answers simply because they helped someone else, isn’t necessarily a great strategy for you.

It may seem smart and rational to look for outside help, but if you’re doing that at the expense of your own insight, that actually dishonors the wisdom within you.

This self-compromise we subject ourselves to in order to succeed can be as subtle as staying small or quiet when we’d rather speak up, or as big and impactful as making choices to do things in our businesses that compromise or sabotage us, like doing work for free, working with clients who don’t appreciate us or in a business that doesn’t see us, or keeping our prices too low.

‘Work harder’ and ‘push through’ seem to be the rallying cries for so many of us.

So, what’s the solution?

Get clear on what you want.

This is both simpler and harder than it sounds. Getting clear on our deepest desires gets us in touch with our soul’s yearning for our lives, and it also brings up all the crap that says we can’t have that.  Resistance, denial, defenses, PTSD, trauma, fear and lack are all a part of what clogs up the works.

But really, getting crystal clear on what we want, both for ourselves and our contribution to the world, is the foundation of living your life purpose.

Your desires are actually how your life purpose is conveyed to you from the divine.  What you want isn’t random, frivolous, irresponsible, or anything else that your old programming is telling you.

Your desires are sacred.

They’re a road map to your best life.

They have information on how to create the life you really want, and how to contribute in a way that deeply satisfies you.  They are the way.

(And if figuring out what you want is hard to do, start by figuring out what you need to say no to, but that’s another blog post.)

And if there is another step to the solution for self-compromise, it’s to take steps toward what you want.

Again, simple, but not so easy. This is perhaps even harder.

If you’re compromising yourself, you’re likely putting up with people and situations that drain you.

You’ll have to stop that.

You’ll also have to dig deep into what you want, and begin to take steps toward those things.

This means actively bringing those things into your life now.

Deeply feel and connect to your yearnings all the time, as a new way of being.  Honor yourself by really feeling and experiencing them.  Let yourself feel how much you want them, even as you’re currently taking steps toward them.  Let them become inevitable.

Don’t take actions that aren’t directly, fruitfully, joyfully linked to what you want and your expectation of getting it.

When you’re listening to what you want, you make brilliant business decisions.

Marketing becomes fun, strategy becomes obvious, and it gets easy and simple to attract clients, customers and opportunities that blow your mind.

So, stop compromising yourself in order to succeed, and start listening to who you were destined to be.

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