Social Media Permission Slip

Here’s the deal: social media isn’t a magic pill any more than anything else is.  In fact, I’ve found that it’s one of the biggest way that people practice avoidance.

And it’s not entirely their fault.  Social media is sold to us as The Next Big Thing.

Scare tactics

Social media marketing has more fear-based marketing around it than SEO (that’s a topic for another post). “You MUST be on Periscope!  What do you MEAN you haven’t tried Facebook’s Live, yet?”  That sort of thing.

“But, so and so is doing great!  I want to do what they’re doing!”

Faboo.  Awesome.  It’s a great idea to model other people.  But, take a closer look.  Is their success because of their rockin’ Instagram account, or because they’re selling something they’ve created?  Do they have a book out, or several books, or a calendar, or a workbook, or all three?  Or, they’re an artist, or a musician, or they have a clear, established business and they use social media to recruit business?

The value of creation – intellectual property

The point is, they’re building on something.  They have created something in the world and they’re using social media to promote it and build their list, so the next time they create something, they have people who are already interested.

Your best promotion is always your next book.  Think about it, someone buys your book and likes it, give them a way to get more of you.  That’s how things snowball.  Just having one thing out there isn’t nearly enough.  Do you have stuff for people who just want to get to know you?  Who know and love you, but don’t have tons of money?  All spectrums?  Think about what you can provide.  Do that.  Build that.  Create that.  Then worry about your next Facebook post.

Your website is your home on the internet

And if the point is really to build your list, then there are better ways to do that, too.  You have control on your website.  Emails go to people’s inboxes, blogs go to however they’ve subscribed.  Tweets might be missed, Facebook posts can be buried.  Want to be sure that you’re reaching your Right People?  Do it over a medium that you control.

Avoiding Shining Your Light

Don’t do this.  Don’t get caught up in this trap.  Social media can be just another distraction.  The magic is in doing your thing, whatever it is, however it looks.  No one was born to write brilliant LinkedIn posts, unless you’re a social media consultant who creates content.  Then, maybe.  Maybe.

You need a website, then biz cards, then intellectual property, then social media.  In that order.

In the meantime, download this Social Media Permission Slip to remind you to listen to you first, marketing people, Diane