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She Made the Cinnamon Rolls…

She Made the Cinnamon Rolls…

So, you know how I’m always nagging you guys to create stuff? And you’re all like, “But how? Do we give advice? Do we just talk about our jobs?” Take a look at this article:

So, admittedly, Geraldine DeRuiter, The Everywhereist, is a brilliant writer, but she also bakes. A lot. She loves it. She’s undoubtedly in a level of mastery with it.

And, she’s pissed.

She’s angry and upset about what’s happening in our world, and the unbelievably ridiculous letter from Mario Batali.

So, what does she do?  She bakes about it.

This post is about her baking the infamous cinnamon rolls, and what went through her mind and heart as she did it.

She writes it in such an intimate way that I learn more about the process of baking and cooking than I ever could from the food channel.

I get a feel for how our frustrations and context pour into the food we make, and I also relate to her struggle with the patriarchy as she tells it.

And while I don’t end the blog post with any better understanding of how to use my stove, I get some more insight into why chefs do what they do and I feel solidarity and community with a woman I’ve never met.  She so clearly articulated my rage and frustration over current events that it didn’t matter that she did it through a recipe, a medium I know almost nothing about.  I still feel connected to her and aligned with her.

This is what you’re doing every time you create something.

You’re giving people an opportunity to align with you (and buy from you.)

This is the gig.

It changes the world, and yes, gets your more clients and customers.

On that note?  I just bought her book.

So that thing you’re currently creating?  Keep it up.


Interestingly, this is also posted under the category “Nothing to do with travel” because she’s a travel writer, but also a human who does lots of things. So, the next time you’re wondering if the topic will fit, or where will you put it, or how can you make it make sense, just put it under the category “Nothing to do with my job” and let it rip.

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