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What I Do – 2 things:

All of my  coaching package include work on two main things to ensure that your business and career run successfully and easily.  First, we make sure that your brand identity is clear and consistent.  Then, we develop a strategic, effective plan for growth and profit.

BRANDING – Let’s get the language right.

Marketing is branding in action. If your brand identity isn’t clear and effective, all the marketing in the world won’t help you grow. My passion is to help you create the exact language and design you need to describe your work and attract your fave clients,  customers and opportunities.



BIZ STRUCTURE – Let’s make sure your work supports the life you want.

I loooove the strategy and psychology of marketing and sales, especially when I get to use them to think outside the box for my clients.

My passion is to help you create a business and career that supports you allows you to thrive without compromising who you are or what you stand for.

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