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Entrepreneur Quotient Quiz

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Quotient!

Hi there!

These questions are designed to give an initial assessment of what's working for you in your business, and what you might want to change to give yourself more support.

There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone will have some questions they aren't sure of, even if they've been in business for years. In fact, this is exactly what this process is designed to unearth.

One of the most challenging things about being in business for yourself is that you are largely alone in your decision-making, so I designed this quotient to give you a little insight and perspective on things you might be missing.

So, answer as truthfully as you can, and enjoy the process. You'll likely get an idea or two for your biz just from the questions themselves.


Section 1: Brand and Message Clarity

These first five questions are all about how well you understand--and can clearly articulate--your promise to your clients/customers.

How well do you know what sets you apart from your competition? 

How well do you understand how people's lives change and improve after working with you?

How well can you describe the main problem(s) you solve?

How much does your marketing feel like a joyous shouting from the rooftops as opposed to convincing, urging, or bragging?

In terms of your business goals, how much are you pursuing what you want vs how much are you pursuing what you think you should?

Section 2: Marketing Strategy

The next five questions are all about how well you're getting your message out into the world, and how well you're getting people to do what you want them to do, i.e. buy your stuff, sign up for your list, register for the event, sign up for the free call, etc.

How often do you create and launch something new, e.g. blog post, newsletter, podcast episode, video, workshop, webinar, etc.? (doesn't matter if it's free content, or if you charge for it)

How friendly are you with social media? I.e. Do you have at least one platform you use to connect with others and share your expertise?

Does your free content and/or social media presence lead to more sales and conversions?

How clear are you on your marketing goal?

How effectively do you use social media for research, feedback, ideas for growth, etc.? (Keep in mind this can include anything from Eventbrite to your newsletter to FB and Instagram)

Section 3: Pricing and Sales

These five questions are all about how you assign pricing to your work and how well you've set up pipelines and processes that support your sales. This section also indicates how easy or difficult it is for you to receive.

How clear are you on your overall business goal?

How comfortable are you with selling?

How often do you look at your finances and analyze them to see what is and isn't working in your business?

How often do you ask for testimonials? How comfortable are you asking for them?

How often do you get overwhelmed, exhausted, or resentful about your work, including difficult clients, frustrating tasks, or anything else business-related?

Section 4: Website Effectiveness

These final questions are all about how well your website is working for you to build your business, bring in new clients, and increase your success and profitability.

How often do you update your website?

How well does your homepage reflect the feel of your business, and tell the story of what you do and what problem you solve?

Do you have funnels, upsells, and secondary-tier products or services in place?

Do you have free content on your site that solves a problem for your audience?

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