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Sell from the Floor



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Giving free workshops and going to networking events, expos, and fairs are great ways to promote your business, but attending them isn’t enough to convert clients. You need to be able to effectively promote and market your work in a way that draws in paying clients.

But, people hate being sold to. So, just talking about what you do isn’t enough.

This workshop is all about talking about your work in a way that naturally and easily shows (not just tells) your Right People how you can make their lives better.

In this 90 minute workshop you’ll learn:

1. The basics of how to give an effective talk.

2. How to clarify your Right Person’s problem and how to address it.

3. The keys to great public speaking and storytelling.


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“I came to the Get Clear workshop not having many expectations if only because I wasn’t sure what the scope would cover. That said, I was completely blown away. Diane gave an entirely new and eye-opening perspective that truly resonated with me and how I operate and think through things. She really seem 100% engaged with everyone sitting in the group, and her ideas, while sometimes focused on one individual, were transferable and permeable to the whole group. I have since made a conscious effort to shift how I think about my business and that has made a profound effect on how I build content and create ideas for my business in the future. I’m looking forward to following her workshops this year!”

~ Jessica Johnson, Body in Mind Massage


“In a time when launching my business felt heavy and uncomfortable and full of fears, Diane’s coaching process re-connected me with my purpose and my passion about what I do. The information I uncovered is like a well of inspiration and clarity that I can always come back to when I feel challenged by the entrepreneurial path.

It was also very valuable to me by helping me to discern my exact interests in the services I offer, and the exact clients I am seeking. This helped me formulate my marketing messages, my website content, and how I speak to potential clients about what I do. Clarity is like a magnet for the right people to find your business, and it is one of the most powerful forces in the creative process.”

Alexandra Davis, Diamond Star Counseling


“Diane is not only a social marketing genius and a business guru, she’s also an incredibly genuine, funny, and inspirational person to work with… It wasn’t simply the fact that Diane is an effective business woman, it was also that she helped me to finally comprehend that running my own business effectively and successfully was entirely possible– and doing anything other than what I truly wanted to was, simply put, a waste of my talent, energy and time…

I’m incredibly happy with her services, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life regarding their small business goals, following their dreams, and doing what they’re actually meant to be doing in life.”

Heidi Keyes, Artist


“Your words about how my sharing is affirming to the universe what I am passionately here to share helped me to speak about my work and my expertise. Your insights are so incredibly valuable. I know I’ve said this before but I am so truly grateful you’re in my life!!! From my heart and soul, thank you Diane!!”

Mandy Greenlee

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