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Make Your Website Awesome Bundle




Money-Back Guarantee:If this product doesn’t delight and inform you, and you’d like a refund for any reason, just sent me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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These workshops include everything I know about how to have a website that grows your business.  Your website can do so much more than just sit out there on the internet with your contact information a bio.  

Your website can be like your assistant, your PR and marketing firm, and your client and customer generator.  When it’s well done, your site actively brings clients and customers to you. That’s what these workshops were designed to do.  

What You’ll Get:  

Each workshop is a dense, 90 minute, live recorded workshop with me.  Each one includes overall strategy, specific action steps you can take, and exercises you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.  

  • 90 minute workshop audio, recorded live
  • Slides for each topic
  • Workbook and/or exercises within the slides


Each workshop includes a dense, comprehensive dive into the topic.  They’re not presented in a specific order, so you can listen to and review them in any order you choose.

Non-Sleazy Sales Writing and Landing Pages:

How to write copy that gets people to do what you want them to do without coercion or compromise.

Getting people to pick up the phone and call you from your website, or buy your product, or make an appointment, can all seem like they require mystical spells or sleazy sales tactics, but the best sales copy is actually rather simple.

As long as you’re clear about what you’re providing and what problem you’re solving, you can write extremely effective website copy with relative ease.  In fact, it can even be fun.  (No, srsly.)

This is because it’s not about coercion; it’s about connection.

This workshop is all about learning how to effectively, and with integrity, ‘sell’ your services and products to the people who really need them.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

–  My time-tested formula for effective sales pages for your products and events

–  The Three Things that the best sales copy accomplishes

–  How to use effective, convincing language that sounds like you, and doesn’t need to ‘sell’ anything to anyone

This is one of my most popular workshops because it can really shift how people view their own marketing strategy.  You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how to sell online, and how to use language and connection to get more of your Right People to do what you want them to do.

Creating Website Content that Attracts More Clients:

In this pre-recorded workshop you’ll learn:

– The Top 5 Elements that the best websites have in their content

–  A breakdown of what pages to include for most healing and creative businesses, and what should be on each page

– An introduction to effective copywriting, and how to convert people on your website

– The basics of design and why it’s important

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how to create not just a website, but a complete online presence for your business that will draw in more clients and grow your business.

De-Mystifying SEO (90 Minute Workshop):

In this workshop you’ll learn easy and effective SEO strategies to bring your site more traffic and grow your biz.

Here’s what you’ll get in this pre-recorded workshop:

  • The theory and a brief history of SEO so you can see how it works and feel confident that you can master it
  • – A description of how Google uses keywords in your site copy, and how you can tweak your copy to measure and assess your site’s SEO to attract more clients and sales
  • – A complete list of techie things that can help streamline your site, including a printable workbook you can use for your own site
  • – A discussion of video, social media, and article-based sites, and how they affect your site’s SEO

You’ll leave with a much deeper understanding of how your site gets ranked in search engines, and you’ll feel much more confident in your ability to control where your site is ranked.

The Top 10 Secrets to Successful Blogging:

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

– the Top Ten Secrets to Successful Blogging, including content creation and then how to promote that content

– how to write great blogs that compel people’s attention and builds your PR

– how to strategically increase traffic to your blog so more people discover you and your gifts

You’ll leave with how to develop a clear, effective blogging strategy, how to write great, shareable titles, and how to promote it to see lots of growth in your readership, fast.

How to Create Passive Income Streams:

Your website should be working for you.  It should be actively bringing you clients, establishing your expertise and reputation for excellence, and most importantly, making you money.  This workshop is all about how to create products, books, and multiple streams of income that support you and your biz.

In this pre-recorded 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn:

– The basics structure for a successful passive income product line

– The best products to create for most businesses, including which ones sell the best and for the most money

– The basics of how to create your own sales force through an effective affiliate marketing campaign

Another popular workshop, this one delves into the complexities of passive income streams and the long-term goals of creating them.  You’ll leave with a greater understanding, and hopefully a boatload of inspiration to write your book, create your videos, or begin your online course.


You’ll also get one of my most popular workshops…

Get Clear Overview

Get the introduction to my signature Get Clear process designed to give you clarity and insight into what you love about what you do, who most needs it, and how you most want to get it out into the world.

This workshop will give you the creative support you need to take more risks and engage the world in a bigger way, which is what marketing is really all about. You’ll walk away with skills and insight into the language you’ll need to talk about your work in a bigger way, and a clearer understanding of who your best clients are.

And this deep dive into heart-centered business is the perfect complement to the Make Your Website Awesome package.  Listen to this first to get grounded in your intuition, or listen to it after the others to tweak and edit what you’ve created.  Or both!  You can’t do this process enough.


About Me:

Diane Whiddon, Website Geek Goddess with over thirteen years of experience, will teach you everything you need to know about how to have a optimized, effective website.


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Elise Campbell


“Diane has helped me focus my brand, so I can attract more of the clients I enjoy. I plan to continue to work with her to take my business to each new level. Diane’s positive energy and genuine love of helping people has made working with her absolutely amazing!”

~ Elise Campbell, Fitness & Nutrition by Elise

I came to Diane because I had reached a point in my business where it was more painful to remain tightly in a bud than it was to bloom. I needed to spread my entrepreneurial wings, and knew I couldn’t do it alone, nor did I want to. She had the marketing experience and mindset that I felt would be pivotal to my own growth with a spiritual foundation. So far the experience has been fruitful.

I keep breaking through my own mental barriers about marketing and product launches. I knew I had resistance and I needed the consistent accountability and coaching sessions in order to move through it. I feel like I am finally making progress in building out my own info products and have a more expanded version of how I can do it all in an authentic way!”

~ Joetta Johnson, Priestess of Finance

Sarah Hodapp“I’ve had business coaches in the past that over-promised and under delivered. Not Diane. My coaching experience with her has been amazing, way beyond anything I could have expected. Her skill and talent has helped me get really clear on what I offer and who my right people are. Suddenly marketing is not only fun and easy, but I’m getting results.

I have gone from 2 Independent Contractors in a small office to 5 employees, a larger, brand new office and HUGE growth in my business in less than a year. That’s not even the best thing. Diane has a gift for seeing what is really holding you back in your business and supporting you to make the big (and sometimes scary!) changes it takes to grow yourself so that your business can grow in a way that truly supports your soul purpose.

Diane is more than a business coach or a branding coach, although her expertise in both of these areas is mind-blowing. Diane has created a path to clarifying who you are and who you serve in a way that leaves you no other option to shine your light bright and share your gifts with the world with confidence. She does this with years of experience, gentle guidance and a deep love for those that she works with.”

~ Sarah Hodapp, Discover Massage

“Diane has been the most influential ingredient in bringing my business to life.  Her ability to pinpoint what has been in the way, and assist me in removing it, is uncanny.  It is second only to her innate skill in creating space for me to discover a vision of my work in the world that is clear, real and truly …Me. With her guidance I have made more progress and experienced more success than the previous 10 years I’ve been in business.  It is her genuine passion and commitment to my success that makes her so good – and ME so good! Our coaching group recently dubbed Diane, “The Business Doula.”  She has a very unique ability of helping bring forth healthy vibrant and flourishing businesses!  But more than that; Diane very literally helps make entrepreneurial dreams real.  If you really want to do your thing – to love it and succeed, Diane is the rock star you need.” ~ Stef Swink, Licensed Practitioner, Spiritual Adviser and Speaker

Barbra Fang Babcock

“Diane is an amazingly motivational guide into this process. I feel more confident and clear about my concept and the possibility of what I can do with my business. I wanted to sneak into a business by starting a blog supported by a website. Now, I have a whole new understanding for what is possible. It was like throwing the door wide open and stepping through it! Diane helped me see that more was possible than I thought. I know that if I am true to who I am, holding to my core values, what I dream is possible, and so much more.” ~ Barbra Babcock, Intuitive and Energy Healer


Alexandra Davis“Clarity is like a magnet for the right people to find your business, and it is one of the most powerful forces in the creative process. I recommend Diane’s Get Clear process to every budding entrepreneur that I know, and I personally find it essential to launching a healthy and thriving business.” ~ Alexandra Davis, Diamond Star Acupuncture

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