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How Your Childhood Trauma Affects Your Website Content



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If you’re often asking yourself, “Why can’t I just write the copy, put up the website, and launch the thing?”, I want you to know that the problem might not be what you think.

It’s definitely not that you’re ‘just not good with business,’ not disciplined, or not focused enough.  

It might simply be that your past trauma is interfering in ways you wouldn’t expect.

When you go through repeated trauma, the language center of the brain can shut down completely. It’s as if because you weren’t allowed a say in what what happening, your brain began to surrender that skill. You literally lose the ability to create language and speak, particularly around things that declare boundaries.

So, sitting down and writing out the “features and benefits” of what you offer can feel both triggering and impossible, especially when you don’t understand why you’re struggling.

I’ve spent over a decade working with healers and creative entrepreneurs who’ve struggled with the ‘business’ part of running their businesses, and I’ve begun to uncover the underlying reasons for why trauma stops us from doing these “simple” tasks.

In this webinar:

  • I explain fully how trauma and gaslighting can affect your brain over time, and how I’ve seen this affect my clients’ ability to create marketing copy and content.
  • We review the exact parts of the brain and nervous system that get compromised and what that looks like in survivors.
  • We explore the different areas where I’ve seen my clients struggle: Features & Benefits, Homepage content, pain points for your primary demographic, and other marketing essentials, and we’ll delve into exactly what might be stopping you and what you can do about it.

**This webinar is not therapy and I’m not a therapist or counselor. This will be an informative webinar about the consequences of abuse in our businesses and the power of language to reclaim ourselves and our work.


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“Diane has created a path to clarifying who you are and who you serve in a way that leaves you no other option to shine your light bright and share your gifts with the world with confidence.”

~ Sarah Hodapp, Discover Massage


“Diane is not only an amazing expert at what she does, but she truly loves her clients and actually makes the daunting aspects of branding and marketing fun.”

~ Jessica Fern Cooley, Therapist and Coach


“I am so in love with how you tune in, see clearly, and verbalize impeccably about what works and what doesn’t…..I feel so trusting and safe with your recommendations.”

~ Julie Tara, Author

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