The Power of Vulnerability and your business

Clearly, this TED talk by Brene Brown has made the rounds on the interwebs, and for good reason.  Her work is brave, brilliant, and so needed in our world.

I mention it here because most of us are used to reading her work from the standpoint of our relationships, but not usually from our businesses.  However, clearly, one of my biggest contentions is that our businesses are full of relationships and that our success, in fact, depends on the quality of those relationships.

If you watch the video again, watch it from the perspective of your business, from you as a business owner and from the perspective of your clients.  What kind of connection are they looking for from you?  What shame and vulnerability are they hiding?  What shame and vulnerability are you hiding?

What can you do to turn more towards your clients?  How can you reach out for more connection by being more vulnerable?  (Now, keep in mind, this isn’t the place for self-serving emotional dumping or self-aggrandizement.  This is for connection–authentic, clean connection to your clients and yourself.)

And if you’re feeling courageous, I highly recommend her next TED talk on shame itself. Yay, awareness.  May we all experience love, openness, connection and the depth of self-love we get from safely exploring our own, Diane