This program is for anyone who is ready to grow their business, expand their reach, and take bigger risks in the world, in order to get more success and satisfaction out of their business and life.


The program includes:  
  • A year-long commitment (so we can build an unshakeable foundation and seriously grow your business)
  • Advance access to all my products and systems
  • Access to everything in my store
  • An intimate Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs 
    •  A one-hour Facebook Live with me each month to ask specific questions, take a look at your progress, and go over Products, Landing Pages, or whatever else you need help with.



Who I Am:

I’m Diane Whiddon, and I’ve been a brand and marketing expert for business owners, and leaders for the last 15 years.  I’ve devoted my life to helping solopreneurs develop strong, clear business strategies that double and triple their businesses AND feel really, really good to implement. 

I mean, honestly, what’s the point of success if you hate how you’re getting it?  Who cares about six-figures if you’re not fulfilled in your work?   

I want you to be so lit up from within about what you do and who you do it for that marketing and selling your work is easy, simple and fun.  You can read more about me on my About page, or let’s set up a call today to get to know each other. 

Diane Whiddon


What do you mean “everything”?

I mean, I’m going to share every step I take with you over the next six months.  

I’ll show you the emails I send, the content I create, the ads I take out--and most importantly–all of my sales figures and profits over the next six months.  

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a launch in action, this is your chance.  

Why a year-long commitment? 

Because that’s how long it usually takes to really transform and uplevel your business.

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In pursuit of magic...

Who is it for?

Anyone who loves what they do.

I love working with people who tend to devote their heart and souls to their work.  It’s fun for me to help those dedicated entrepreneurs find more success and abundance from doing more of what they love. 

What’s the benefit of the Facebook group? 

You will not believe how important and supportive it is to do this in a community.  It will blow your mind how supportive it is to share the struggle of coming up against all your dragons when you’re in a community of other entrepreneurs doing the same thing.  You will not be alone.

And more than anything, I want you to have the life you want.  The exact life.  No more compromises.  No more sacrifice.  Your life.  The one you’ve deserved all along.

Join us in this process to watch a live launch and products strategy in action, so you can create more freedom and success in your own biz.  

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Nice things people have said:

Katya Slivinskaya“Diane has been an absolute pleasure and a blast to work with. I never thought that business could be so fun and easy. From the first homework assignment, until now (3 months in), every step of the way I have felt supported, held, seen, and encouraged to be my best in a way that honors my humanness.

I could not have put together the project I am putting together without her. Its an expression of my deepest purpose, so you can imagine how dear Diane is to me. She’s enabled me to step into my Hightest self, and for that I am awed, honored, inspired, and grateful.”

~ Katya Slivinkaya, Transformational Coach  


Jessica Fern Cooley“Diane has been an enormous support and asset for my business. She’s helped me create a cohesive brand and consistent language that both clearly communicates what I do and attracts my right people.

After working with Diane and implementing her process, I regularly get feedback from clients and colleagues that they are impressed with how my site looks and how easy it is to navigate. Diane is not only an amazing expert at what she does, but she truly loves her clients and actually makes the daunting aspects of branding and marketing fun.”

Jessica Fern Cooley, Psychotherapist

Julia Bershenyi, Elements and Tides

“I have had occasion in the past few months to find myself doing marketing DW style. Sometimes I feel I should pinch myself because, guess what? It doesn’t feel like marketing. Not only that, I find I am thinking strategically at times, and it doesn’t feel slimy at all! I am seeing in so many ways how the work we did together has benefitted me, as I know it will continue to do.  I’m so grateful.”

– Julia Bershenyi,

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