My Plea…

“The world is in trouble.”

Big trouble.

This is all I hear, from the media, my friends, my colleagues.  “The world is in trouble and things are going to get worse.”

I hear it all the time, but there’s a doom-and-gloom attitude that normally accompanies it that I don’t like.  What if instead, this time is our finest hour?

Our finest hour.

I say that this time is our chance.

To rise to the occasion.  To find out what we’re made of.  To transform.

Extraordinary difficulties provoke extraordinary transformations.

The problems we now face will be the catalysts for our own evolution.

So, I beg you–don’t buy into it.  Don’t swallow the story that it’s all going to hell.  Choose instead to believe the best about all of us.  Choose to believe that we’ll find our way out of this, and it won’t be with our old values of competition and loss and battle, but that we’ll begin to choose love, compassion and patience.

Choose to believe the best about everyone you meet.  Choose to remember that everyone is doing the best that they can, with what they have, in any given moment.  Then, choose to believe that the world is giving you the benefit of the doubt, too.


Remember your own magnificence.  We are all in this together.

Take care of yourself.  Give yourself love.  And with what that generates, give some to your neighbor, your family, and the one who sold you up the river.  We all make mistakes sometimes.  Cultivate  empathy, love, forgiveness.

And we will transform the world.

I know, Diane