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“Marketing” Does Not Mean “Chasing”

“Marketing” Does Not Mean “Chasing”

My favorite concept about marketing is based on a quote by Anne Lamott:

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over the island trying to save people; they just stand there shining.”

That’s how your marketing should be.  Don’t chase your right people.  Trust that they’re out there actively looking for you.

I deal with so many brilliant and savvy entrepreneurs who are scared or intimidated by marketing and sales.  This is the list of what I’ve heard over and over again:

  • “I don’t want to be pushy.”
  • “I don’t want to annoy people.”
  • “I just don’t like talking about money/business/sales/marketing/etc.”

What IS this attitude?

I’m tired of it.  Stop being self-deprecating around money.

Money is awesome.

And so are business, sales and marketing.  Because …

Marketing is simply talking about what you’re passionate about with confidence.

Sales is graciously accepting energy and effort from someone else in exchange for the energy and effort you’ve provided them.

And great business is doing more of what you love.

Start stripping the stigma off of what you love to do.  Embrace the business part of your business, because it’s … y’know… a business.  That’s even the best part of it.

When you take something you love to do, something you’ve probably done for a while for free, something that you pride yourself on and identify with, and you hang out a shingle saying you’re good at it and that you’ll accept money for it …

You find out how good you really are.

Do you have doubts around your expertise?  Are there really big spots of insecurity in your skill set?  Those will pop to the surface all over the place.  But once you really get it out there and you ask people to pay you money, when those customers come running back to you with rave testimonials and even kind critiques, they will be doing for you what you could never do for yourself:  they’ll be teaching you how to truly love and accept the gifts you haven’t yet embraced.

You’ll see all of your shit around money.

And receiving.  And abundance.  And rich people.  And your own radiant magnificence.  Every story you have that goes, “Who do I think I am?” and “I don’t want people to see me,”  will rise to the surface to crush you.  And you’ll also begin to see how they’re stopping you.  You’ll begin to shift the basic beliefs that have kept you small for years.

Your heart will break open to how much your precious self really deserves.

It’s a lot.  Really.  It’s a lot.  As you go deeper and deeper into your true Life’s Work, you’ll learn the value of what you provide and the beauty of what you do.  You’ll get broken open to how gently and lovingly others treat you.  You’ll meet your own humanness when others give you chances, breaks, and forgiveness.  You’ll learn how to give them to yourself.  Over and over again.

And from what I see, these are the tip of the iceberg.

So don’t cheapen any of that by chasing your clients.  Marketing your business isn’t about chasing, convincing, or coercing people to work with you.

Marketing is about shining.

Do that.  Lots and lots of that.  Brag about your accomplishments.  Rave about your passion.  Let the heart of your business radiate out to people.

That’s how you get more clients.  And you’ll end up with more opportunities and serendipities as well.

Most importantly, you’ll start having more fun.  And that’s irresistible to clients, customers, and partners. love, Diane

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