Letting My Biz Love Me

I started the Let Your Biz Love You campaign because I noticed how I had a tendency to treat my work, this lovely job that I’ve built over the last decade, as an obligation, especially when I was stressed or feeling tired.

Being an entrepreneur is hard.  We all know this.

You make tons of decisions that all ride on you, your expertise, and your performance.  You are your own personal assistance, PR department, Human Relations, Marketing Department, and–oh, right–the actual service or product you provide, all the time.

It can seem like a thankless task, but it isn’t.  We’re a weird breed.  The traditional business route just doesn’t (or didn’t) work for us.  There is something within us that has told us that we have something else to do–something that is precious, and just ours.  We have a gift to bring, something that the world needs, and only we can do it, and only in our own way.  Diane Whiddon

So, we go for it.  We jump in.  We build our businesses.  We stay up late.  We serve our clients.  We build relationships.  We drink too much coffee.  We give up the peace of mind of a steady paycheck, cheap benefits, and paid vacations.

And we love it.

And clients tell us how much our work means to them.  We hear how our small contributions have bettered the lives of those around us.  Clients become like family to us, and the relationships we forge throughout this adventure become precious, beautiful gifts in our lives.

And still, even with out that, we would do it all anyway.  Because nothing can really compare to the feeling of expressing our own special contribution, and experiencing the joy of it being received.

Our businesses?  They are such a gift to us.  They are the vehicle through which we can see and experience our magnificence, our beauty, our gifts.

So, I wanted to create something to remind us of that–yes, we do this because we have a gift to give, and because we hopefully will make good money giving it–we also do this also to see our greatness.  Our businesses do that for us.  They are windows to our divine possibilities.

So this next month is all about how to let our businesses love us.  It’s about how we shower them (and our clients) with love, but also about how we receive it back.  There is always a cycle.  This month is about celebrating that.

Diane Whiddon runs a loving business coaching practice and this site.  You can find her teaching workshops, classes, and writing blogs (like this one) where she talks about herself in the third person.