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Let Your Biz Love You – Walter Brown

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I’ve always known that I would grow up to have a “Boss”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always known that I would grow up to have a “Boss”, dislike working for him, suffer the nonsense, find office mates to help deflect the misery, work harder than necessary to avoid embarrassing myself, and eventually retire so I could garden and fish when my wife let me (because she would actually be the “Boss” at home too!).

I also knew that having my own business, while being a possibility, was really just a way of having several Bosses at once. Meaning, I could repeat the “Boss” paradigm over and over until it beat me, or I gave up.

But, now that I’ve officially taken over Novel Website Design, I know the truth. I can feel beaten, and run by the business, or I can see things differently. I have a choice.

This business is a way for me to tap into my artistic side with website design.

Walter Brown Novel Website Deisign It also lets me use all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years about programming, computers, and all manner of tech-y stuff.

Letting NWD love me means allowing myself the privilege to do my best work, even if it’s late. It means being in charge of my day…when it starts, when it ends, and what success looks like, etc. But, most importantly, it means taking a deep look into why I wanted to work for ME, instead of hiding behind someone else.

Being an entrepreneur is NO easy task. There’s no hiding. There’s no filter. There’s no one else to take the blame. It’s terrifying!

But, knowing that it all comes down to me, is also liberating!

If something doesn’t get done, it’s on me. If something gets missed, it’s on me. If [insert bad thing here] happens, it’s on me.

And, while the me of 10 years ago would’ve thought those were negatives, the me of today sees them as what they REALLY are. Proof that now is the right time to find my Right People, and help them find their Right People.

As hard as entrepreneurship is on me, it’s just as hard on my clients. I recognize it, and trust that they do too. This is a partnership. And we want both of us to succeed.

And, that’s how I let my business love me. It allows me the opportunity to help others bigify. It allows me a vehicle to help great businesses, find their Right People, and vice versa.

If I could find a way to make it less scary, I would. But, for now, I’m happy just knowing that through something as simple as a website, good people are finding good people, and the world is getting better!

So…who needs a new website?

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