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Let Your Biz Love You – Eileen Henry

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There is nothing I love more than a good night of solid sleep.

Well, maybe after a good night of great sex. Only from a well-rested place can I fully participate in life and experience all that I love to do.

I love showing parents of infants and toddlers that getting the sleep everyone needs is no big deal. Sleep is essential if new parents keep the intimate couple bond that produced the children in the first place. That is a big deal.

This sleep topic is a sensitive subject. Whether we sleep together or sleep apart there are a lot of opinions on how sleep should be done with children.

My aim is to help families realize their dreams in sleep. And to dream – you gotta get some sleep.

I offer parents an opportunity to connect with me before they make a decision to purchase a sleep plan.

But I will be honest. Sleep is merely a side effect of what I really do.

I restore sanity one baby at a time

– Sleep is 50% of our mental health. Without regulated sleep it is hard for families to function at their best.

I restore parental confidence one realization at a time –

There are many books on child sleep but when parents are bleary eyed and weary they need someone to walk them through it. Reconnecting a parent with their intuition is a wonderful reward of what I do.

I facilitate a growing and deepening connection between parent and child

– And this is the gift that will keep on giving. The early bonding and connection children have with their parents and caregivers will shape every relationship they form for the rest of their lives.


Because what I love the most is seeing the big picture and relating the context of this big picture to parents who might be stuck in the details. And looking at details through the eyes of exhaustion is horrible.

I love re-stating what a parent may think is the problem of these details and offering far more elegant solutions.

Just because we have children doesn’t mean that we need to give up one of the basic tenants of wellbeing. We will give up plenty and sleep doesn’t have to be a part of that list.

Buy Eileen’s book Compassionate Sleep Solutions.

Eileen is an RIE Associate and International Sleep Consultant helping families find lasting sleep solutions since 2003. She has developed a unique approach to baby sleep and child sleep that will help you make the changes necessary to improve both the quantity and quality of your entire family’s sleep. The most unique part of her approach is her one of a kind, time tested, tried-and true, cry reduction program. Read more about her book on Amazon.

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