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Let Your Biz Love You – Alexandra Davis

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I believe that the energy and intentions that we put into our business are just as important-no, I believe that they are more important- than the actions that we take to make our business successful.

I believe this because without the proper energy behind and interwoven with each business-building action that we take, the actions are not likely to create success. What the correct, aligned energy is will be different for every person and for every business. So, I spend a lot of time considering the intentions and the feelings and the energy behind the scenes of building my business. That being said, Diane’s idea to show an act of love to your business and let it love you back, is something I would have never thought of myself. And it’s why I am so appreciative for Diane’s innovative and heart-opening influence in my life and business.

After reading about Diane’s project, I decided that my act of love would be to take a shamanic journey to “meet” the Spirit of my business, express my love and gratitude to her, ask what she needs from me and what her intentions are, and ask how I can receive love from her in return. I am a professional shamanic practitioner and intuitive reader, so taking a shamanic journey to my business made perfect sense for me as an act of love and exploration.

If you are new to the term “shamanic journey”, one way of explaining it is that one enters a trance state wherein they are able to travel in their mind’s eye to vivid destinations anywhere in space-time. The past, the future, into the inside of a flower seed, to the Spirit of a whale or a redwood tree or wherever else you might want to go to learn information or receive guidance.

Many people have “power spots” that they travel to when they journey, and a power spot is a place they become familiar with and return to time and again to ask for guidance and healing. It could be a sacred garden, a desert landscape, the ocean floor… it could be a place that really exists on this Earth, or not.


When I entered the meditative state to journey to my business, I took the route within my mind’s eye that I take every time I journey, for myself or for a client, and I held the intention to emerge in a place where I could meet the Spirit of my business. When I did emerge, I was inside a beautiful garden with two comfortable wooden garden chairs facing one another in a patch of grass enclosed by an immense, blooming garden. The Spirit of my business, I was told, was represented both by the surroundings that I was seeing and by the woman (who was clearly a facet of me) sitting in one of the two chairs, smiling at me. She explained that the chairs represent the place where my client and I sit together when they enter for healing work. Taking a seat in their chair means that the client arrived with strong intentions for healing or to receive guidance, and they are ready to receive it. The garden that enclosed the chairs was a sanctuary- buzzing with life and vibration and clear intention. Healing energy (simply meaning energy that holds the intention to provide whatever is needed for the highest good of each individual) was coming up from the ground, from each of the plants and chirping birds surrounding the chairs, and even from the sky. I had never seen the image of this garden before in my mind and my thoughts, and yet it felt completely familiar and perfect… it felt the way my business feels! It felt like what it feels like to enter into a state of focus and loving intention when I am with a client.

One of the things that became very clear during my journey is that my business is an entity that exists outside of me and apart from me.

I built it, in a way, but it had its own intention to exist and I agreed. We reflect each other’s intentions but it has a life of its own. It needs me to take care of it and listen to it- what it needs and how it wants to grow- and it wants to take care of me in return.

I told the Spirit of my business how appreciative I am for it and how joyful it makes me. I asked what it needs from me to grow and flourish and to reach it’s full potential. I asked how I can take care of it, and how it takes care of me. I received answers to all of these questions and can now be aware of them and put them into practice. They help me know what energy and intention to embody as I approach certain actions I take, when I show up with my clients and when I make business-related decisions. I understand even better
now: what the intentions of my business are, what it wants and needs, and how I can support it! It was a humbling and informative experience, and I feel closer with my business… more loving towards my business… sweetly protective and supportive of my business… now that I understand that it has a life of its own and I am merely the lucky facilitator.

So, my act of love to my business was to go on a journey to meet its Spirit and ask it what it needs. Now that I have done it, it is something I can highly encourage any business owner to do. If you are not yet familiar with shamanic journeying, anyone can learn it and anyone can do it! A shamanic practitioner can teach you privately, there may be classes in your community, or you can purchase Sandra Ingerman’s wonderful book
called “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide”.

I think that our businesses are extensions of ourselves, and they are also extensions of an energy bigger than us and beyond us, that wants to come alive through us. We are each a channel for bringing something into the world- something that chose us as much as we chose it.

Alexandra Davis helps clients find clarity. You can bring any topic or question to an intuitive reading session- whether it is supposedly unresolvable, or emotionally challenging and confusing or even totally mundane- and receive clear answers and guidance that resonate deeply and help you move forward. Clients frequently ask about relationships, business and career, health challenges, life decisions and how to manage conflicts- but any topics are invited. She works with clients in person in Boulder and over the phone. You can learn more about how a reading works, and why it works, at

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