How My Coaching Works

My coaching work has been born from the many workshops I’ve given over the last several years about how to get people in touch with what they love about what they do.

I’ve been amazed by how many people say that they want to do something for themselves or their businesses, and then simply can’t.  For me, I was a frustrated writer for years before I became a website designer.  I wanted to write.  I knew I was good at writing.  But when it actually came down to it, I simply wasn’t writing.  I took workshops, I joined writer’s groups and I tried to figure out what I was missing.

Eventually, I started designing websites.  This was fun.  I could do this.

Until one day I got divorced and my fun little hobby quickly turned into another way I was blocked.

So, I took marketing classes.  A lot of them.  I went on retreats.  I read blogs.  I did all kinds of things to figure out how to market the right way so that I could make this business a success.

And I made plans.  Lots of them.  I blogged, I was going to give teleclasses, and hold workshops.  And I did all those things, but in fits and starts.  I didn’t have the staying power.  And I began looking around and seeing that I wasn’t the only one.

Clients were hiring me right and left and struggling with how to get things done.  And even the ones who could get things done struggled to take action that led anywhere.  All over the place, people are offering blueprints for success and step-by-step guides.  Why weren’t we all millionaires by now?  What were we missing?  And then the ones who were actually making it, were sleeping four hours a night, or working with clients that drained them, doing work that they couldn’t escape from in a business they’d grown to hate.

The driving force behind my work and life has become, What stops people from doing what they love?

Here’s what I’ve come to believe:

Creativity comes from safety, security, and enoughness.

Your ability to create anything is directly proportional to your sense of safety, security and enoughness.  If you’re missing any of those, creation is completely stalled at best, and hopelessly tainted and fruitless at worst.  You need an abiding sense of bodily safety, future security, and overall essentialness to do your work in the world.

And here’s the kicker: no one can do that for you.

It’s true.  Even winning the lottery won’t fix it.  There’s no magic cure here.  You must be able to cultivate these for yourself.

What that means for my coaching:

In my coaching, I work to give you clarity around your primary gifts and how you most want to get them out into the world.  The overall goal of the Get Clear process I developed is to make running your business easier, more effective, and more profitable.

And I don’t presume to know all the answers for you.  In fact, I think you’re the foremost expert on yourself.  So, I look to you to guide the work we do together.  I ask you lots of questions like, “What do you most want?  Who do you love to work with?  What gives you more energy when you do it?  What do you do for free, just because you’re happy to do it?  Do you even want to do social media?” and then we create a business for you around your answers.

That’s what it’s like to work with me.  I guide you back to what you most love about yourself and the world, and I gently try to show you where you’re scared and denying your gifts, and then we get all strategic with it.

It’s why my favorite quote is by Rumi, “Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

Yes.  May the beauty that captivates you be what is expressed through you in your work.  That’s what I want for you.

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