Get Clear on Your Brand Introduction

This is a few minutes of my first class for my 6 month coaching program, Get Clear on Your Brand.

This is a quick intro into why branding is important, why I wanted to spend 6 months on it with you (instead of 8 weeks or less) and how having a really clear brand identity can really help you in your biz.



Overall, why do we Get Clear?  

Because your best business coach is always you.

Get Clear is my signature process for helping you identify who your ideal clients are, how you most want to serve them, and we use both of those to build and develop a business that is fun, easy, and sustainable for you.

I use this process in all of my coaching and in both my classes and annual retreat.

In the years that I’ve been working with business owners to grow their businesses, I’ve found that most of the problems they have—a lack of clients, not enough cash flow, poor productivity, confusion around positioning and branding, etc.—rarely stem from a lack of business knowledge or marketing strategy.  Instead, these problems are caused from their own blocks, fear, and insecurity.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have the most expensive website, the best PR campaign or the most sophisticated newsletter software.  Instead, they are simply crystal clear about what they most want to be doing, and they go after it.

Being clear about what you most want to do in the world gives you the best business guidance you can ask for because you can rely on yourself for every business decision.

You become your own guru/coach/advisor.  You come up with brilliant ideas.  You build processes and strategies that are easy, fun and sustainable because they are completely aligned with you and your mission in the world. 

In that situation, powerful branding attracts your right people to you with ease, and effective business strategies ensures that whatever we create for you is fun and easy for you to sustain.

This is how we are going to bring your biz to its full expression.Diane Whiddon, expert web design, web designer, Novel Website Design, help me make an awesome website

More about Get Clear:

(Interview with Casey Shivers)

Take a look at my interview with Casey Shivers from I am Well Coaching about my biz, my Get Clear process, and my dream for all entrepreneurs!

Notable spots:

0:30 – Intro to me and my biz
4:29 – Your biz should be EXACTLY what you want it to be!
9:07 – Why the internet rawks for small biz owners
10:10 – The basics of Get Clear
11:18 – How to stay true to your business vision
14:03 – Applying Get Clear to a non-business problem (losing weight!)
16:08 – What to do when it all seems impossible (and a shoutout to my pal, Lisa Hunter!)
19:30 – How to overcome internal resistance in your business and life
23:54 – The power of receiving and letting yourself feel loved by life and your biz
25:38 – My dream!  Entrepreneurs Unite!
28:28 – Money is squash.
33:07 – Bloopers and the perfect tagline

Get Clear Articles:

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