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iThemes Webinars

I have taught oodles of workshops and webinars on how to make your business better.  Some of my favorites have been with the wonderful people at iThemes.  A few of those recordings are below.  Take a listen and enjoy some free classes on how to make your business better…

Creating a Powerful Brand that Attracts Customers 

This one is all about Brand Differentiation, which is the real money-maker in your biz… Read More

Resonant v. Resentment Pricing: How to Set Prices that Support You and Your Business

Most of the issues we have with sales and marketing are rooted in our issues with money. Read More

Marketing with Testimonials – How Getting and Giving Great Testimonials is the Biggest Opportunity You’re Missing to Grow Your Business

Getting testimonials like, “Great! Loved it! You rock!” may seem good, but they actually don’t do anything for your business.  Read More

Non-Sleazy Sales and Marketing

When you get clear on what you do better than anyone else, you become irresistible to your primary demographic.  Read More

How to Write a Non-Sleazy Landing/Sales Page

It’s pretty well-known that landing pages follow a psychological model designed to get people to do what you want them to do. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be manipulative. Read More

How to Create a Powerful Brand

The success of your business directly depends on how well your potential clients and customers understand your message and believe that you can serve them. Read More

Websites as Story: Creating Websites that are a Journey for Your Visitors

Most people think websites are a group of static pages that hold information, but that’s is not the best way to give your visitors a great experience and grow your business… Read More

Desktop Downloads

Permission Slips

Cut out and hang above your desk, on the mirror, on your steering wheel to remember that you have permission to be your brilliant self.

See me in action:

Websites as Story – Creating Compelling Content from Wordcamp Denver 2016

How to Create Profitable Content (Get Clear) and Slideshow from Wordcamp Denver 2015

Critique-Press Rapid Fire Critique panelist at Wordcamp Denver 2015

Marketing for Author Entrepreneurs at Colorado Romance Writers

Get Clear and Be More Profitable talk (with corresponding slides) at Business Honoring Spirituality – January 2014

Video Interview with Casey Shivers, an I Am Well Conversation

Blogging and Marketing talk to local BNI chapter – November 2013


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