Embodying Your Biz

I get a lot of confused looks when I talk about embodiment in your business. I guess it seems strange that a business coach is rattling on about ‘feeling’ and ‘being’ all the time. But, I repeatedly find that the way you embody your business has a *lot* to do with how well your business is structured, how effectively it works, and how resonant your pricing is.

So, today I ask you… How much are you *enjoying* your business today? How much pride do you take in what you do and how you’re doing it? How happy are you with how well you deliver on your promises? How confident are you that you are creating the *exact* life you want with every breath and action you take in your business?

If the answer is ‘not much,’ or even, ‘huh?’ spend some time building your confidence and clarifying your preferences. Give yourself credit for what you’ve already accomplished, and honor yourself by letting yourself get really, really clear on what you want.

Look at old testimonials from clients. What did they love about working with you? Consider what people always come to you for. What are you brilliant at that you have a hard time acknowledging? Then look at where you’re undercharging in your business. Where are you wasting time on what you don’t want to do? And start to change those things …