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Eat the Cookie!

Sometimes work is really fun.

When I’m creating, or working with a client, or sometimes when I’m co-working with a friend, I have a lot of fun at work.

That’s especially true when I’m spending time with Lisa Hunter.

When we get together, we share brilliant ideas, frank feedback, and some very goofy laughs.

And since a lot of our ideas are so good, Lisa will frequently get out her phone and record us so we can have the ideas for later without scrambling to write them down.

On this particular evening, we’d worked all day and gotten exhausted and a bit punchy.

I somehow started ranting on the power of pleasure, the importance of acknowledging our desires and taking action towards our dreams and I shouted, “Eat the cookie!  Raise your prices!  Buy the dress!  And enjoy wearing it!”

Lisa suggested that I put it on my site and make it a ringtone.


Thirty seconds of me ranting and urging you to enjoy yourself and eat your cookies.

If you make it your ringtone, you have to let me know.

Enjoy yourself.  Indeed.

love, Diane

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