De-Bunking Marketing Myths

Let’s look at a few common misconceptions around marketing.

Myth #1 – Marketing is complicated.

Truth:  Marketing is simply talking with confidence and ownership about what you are passionate about.

That’s it.

It isn’t convincing people to work with you, following someone else’s weird strategy that doesn’t make sense to you, or being/saying/doing anything that isn’t authentic to you.

It is simply talking with confidence about the stuff you care most about.  Do that well, and you can’t get better marketing.

Myth #2 – Marketing is hard.

Marketing is easy.

You’re probably already doing it.  You know how you talk about stuff in your industry to a friend or someone you trust?  You know how impassioned you get about the stuff that drives you crazy, or the people you know you can serve?  That’s marketing.

You wouldn’t have been drawn to your industry if you didn’t care about it in some way.  What are the ways that you care?  What motivates you?  Those things and the way you talk/write/blog/chit-chat about them?  That’s marketing.

Myth #3 – I don’t need to worry about marketing because I don’t do any of that stuff.

Truth:  Marketing happens all the time.

Marketing isn’t reserved for networking events, website ads, or when you’re talking to a potential customer.  It happens at the Thanksgiving table when your Aunt Martha wants to know how the new graphic design biz is going and cousin Eli with the new widget he needs to sell is listening in.

It happens on social media, when you’re having coffee with a friend, when you drop your business card in a fishbowl for a free lunch at that Indian place.

Anytime you talk about what you do or why, you’re marketing.

Anytime you hand out a business card, share your branded email address, or post about your new grandbaby on your business Facebook page, you’re marketing.

And here’s the kicker.  It’s not just what you say, or how your logo is designed.

Marketing is also how you act.

  • Do you demonstrate confidence in what you do?
  • Do you give yourself credit for your skills, education and talents?
  • Are you willing to say no to opportunities that aren’t in line with your values?
  • Do you devalue your services with self-deprecation, giving away services for free, or undercharging?

Guess what?  All those are marketing, too.

Marketing happens all the time.

So, this is why we get clear.  Getting clear on our message and who we most want to serve honors our gifts and gives us confidence.  That confidence seeps out into everything that we do.  Just in how we show up, we are showing the world that we value and appreciate our gifts.

That attracts clients and opportunities.  That shows people that we’re worth working with and for.  That demonstrates to others and to ourselves that we have a wonderful business and it inspires people to hire us and work with, Diane