Daydreaming is the First Stage of Planning

In this season of snow and sparkly lights, I notice that I’m again slowing down the way I do every year at this time.  It’s not deliberate.  It just seems to happen.  I chalk it up to taking extra time to gawk at twinkly lights on the side of the road, and enjoying the pleasures of gingerbread flavored things and the random wine cheese ball at parties.  It’s like, there’s more to enjoy, and as I take time for that, things just slow right down.

And this is an improvement from years past.  Normally, the slow down would happen and I would fight it tooth and nail.  There’s too many things to do!  Too many errands to run!  Too many ways to be thoughtful, generous and caring!

Caught up in the flurry of doing, there’s just no chance to slow down and savor.

But, things slowing down doesn’t mean they stop.

I’m pretty driven, and I spend a lot of time thinking about my business.  A lot.  It’s probably not healthy, but that’s a blog for another day.

My point is that during this time of year, I notice that my brainstorming and planning tend to slow down, too.  It’s still here.  I’m still thinking about my biz and pondering what my products and services will look like next year, but it shifts from goal-oriented planning to fuzzy-eyed daydreaming.

And daydreaming is still productive.

It’s actually how planning begins.  High-powered planning and strategizing actually begin with soft-focus daydreaming.

We often miss it.  It gets lost in spaced out rides home and showers where without the pressure of an agenda, we can ponder how we might like our lives to be and let the brilliant insights come in.

In these moments, we’re guided by the joy of our bodies and the meanderings of our desires.  We can just let ourselves want what we want and see what occurs to us.

These little moments of heart-centered dream-play are exactly where the big biz strategies begin.

I find in my work that this step is actually crucial to great business ideas.  And it’s where most people misstep.  They get out spreadsheets and marketing books, but really, all you need is more time in the shower.

The daydreaming is a crucial step.  And if you find yourself naturally slowing down this year, take a little time to ruminate on your business, too.

Business doesn’t always have to look like right-brain thinking.

The best ideas often just start with a little wishful thinking.

So, let yourself make some wishes for your business this holiday season.  Slow down and invite in some gentleness.  Let yourself be wildly productive on your business just by daydreaming a bit.