Diane Whiddon - Creative Passive Income

What have you been yearning to create?  

There’s something, isn’t there?  Something that your Right People really need?

Or that, in your industry, is getting missed?

What have you been wanting to deliver?

These kinds of questions lead to powerful passive income streams.

Put that in a strategic, business-savvy funnel, and you begin operating at a completely different level.

This course is all about how to build strategic product funnels that will change you and your business.  In this program, you will create authoritative courses, downloads and ebooks that will grow your business, establish you as a sought-after expert, and make money for you while you sleep, all while actualizing you as a person and a leader.  Make no mistake, creating products and courses will change the way you live and move in the world.

And this is the course to help you do that.

What This Program Is:

An Online Course … with monthly lessons, AMA (Ask Me Anything) calls, guest speakers, and a private Facebook group.  What this means for you:  Complete convenience.  Listen to the course materials at any time.  Everything will be recorded so you can listen to it later and/or download it so you can have it forever.

A Group Program … you’ll be on the calls and the Facebook group with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  What this means for you:  You’ll be able to share your journey with others, learn from what they’ve done, and promote your work and get feedback.

A 6 Month Deep Dive … you’ll have time to implement the changes and strategies you’ll learn about.  What this means for you: Rather than fire-hosing you with information and then leaving you alone to implement it, I’ve spread the content out over a six month period so you’ll get tons of support from me and your fellow entrepreneurs to get everything done during the length of the class.  I want you to see results in your business, and not from some flashy new trend, but by building a solid funnel that will make you money.

What We’ll Cover:

Month 1 – April: The Art and Science of the Product Funnel – this month is all about the structure of what we’ll be creating over the next six months.  I’ll give you the skinny on the psychology of marketing, how funnels work, and what is typically successful so you can begin to decide what will work best for you and your business.  This is all about learning the fundamentals of passive income, so you can begin to plan your customized streams of income.

Month 2 – May: Structure and Strategy – This month we’ll focus on what you can create to grow your business, support your current clients/customers and bring in more money.  This month is all about fine tuning the products that you’ll be creating for the rest of the program.  What do you Right People need?  How are other people in your industry letting them down?  What you can uniquely provide?  These are the questions we’ll answer this month.

Month 3 – June: Blogging, Podcasts & Other Free Content – Now that we’ve got a handle on what you want to create, we get serious about the marketing strategy.  We’ll spend this month on blogging strategy, podcasts, videos and other ways to build your street cred and get you in the habit of creating.  It will also likely challenge you, expand your reach and deepen your commitment to serve because creating shows us our own genius, especially when we have fun with it.

Month 4 – July: Launch Strategy – Now that you’re creating your products and you know how to market them, we’ll dive deep into launch strategy, from drip email campaigns over a few weeks to webinars that launch in a few days.  Like everything else in this course, I don’t presume to teach you the One Right Way.  Your launch strategy will be as individual to you as the products you create.  You get to choose what works best for you and your Right People.

Month 5 – August: Copywriting and Sales Pages – This month we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of writing compelling copy and the art of the landing page.  It’s not rocket science, and I’ll give you templates and outlines to guide you.

Month 6 – March: Upsells & Final Q&A – This month is all about finalizing your launch strategy, completing your products and getting any final questions answered.  We’ll also cover four different kinds of upsells, which are the offers you give to people right after they buy.  People like you the best right after they give you money, so it’s a good time to offer them another deal that will support their initial purchase.  We’ll talk about how to do this with some style.

Special Tech Guest Speakers:

Each month, a special guest speaker who specializes in some form of tech, website, or WordPress framework will answer your tech questions on how to set up your products and website.

Guest Speakers for our 2018 course TBA

How It Will Work:

Each month of this 6 month program includes…

On the 1st Thursday of the month, you’ll receive one 45  minute class via webinar/video (that you can watch them at any time) on the topics above.

On the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1pm, we’ll have a 2 hour Group Coaching AMA call (all calls will be recorded) to answer any of your specific questions (and this is about anything, not just the lessons from that month.)

On the 3rd Thursday of the month, you’ll receive a special guest presentation including speakers on techie issues, centering practices and breaking through blocks.

And on the last Thursday of the month, you get to relax, catch up on anything you missed, and show off your work on our Facebook group to get feedback.

Plus, you’ll get forever membership in the course-only Facebook group, just for program participants to share the journey, promote your offerings and show off your work. And, everything will be recorded so you can listen to it later and/or download it to have forever.

Also, participants get $100 off a One Day VIP package with me to use whenever they’d like during the coaching program.  

Diane Whiddon

Who are we, really?

Who I Am:

Well, you’re here, so you can always mosey on over to my About page and read more than you probably want to know about me.  But, in short … I work for people who are tired of compromising themselves in order to succeed. Maybe you haven’t found the success you’ve wanted, or maybe you have, and you’re miserable.  Either way, I’ve devoted my life to helping solopreneurs develop strong, clear business strategies that grow their businesses AND feel really, really good to implement. What’s the point of success if you hate how you’re getting it?  Who cares about six-figures if you’re not fulfilled in your work?   I want you to be so lit up from within about what you do and who you do it for that marketing is easy, simple and fun.  From that place, it’s easy to grow your business and create products.  That’s what I want you to get out of these six months.

Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t like the class for any reason, you can get a full refund until the second week of our first month, April 12th, minus a $50 admin fee.  No refunds will be given after April 12th.

Register now for $1299.

(Registration Ends April 4th)

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Christy Decatur

“Diane’s group coaching sessions have completely transformed my business and my relationship to my work. She is more than a coach- she’s a Sherpa, a midwife, a drill Sargent, and a cheerleader. Most importantly, she holds a mirror up to you and your business and shows you all of the gifts you bring to the world. The clients she attracts into her group coaching setting are top notch. Their presence creates  a community of support that is a balm for us solo-preneurs who spend our days working in our own little bubbles.  I am so grateful for the wisdom she has shared with me these last 6 months and I can see the results of our work manifested in my business every day!” ~ Christy Decatur, Wedding and Event Coach

“I came to the Get Clear workshop not having many expectations if only because I wasn’t sure what the scope would cover. That said, I was completely blown away. Diane gave an entirely new and eye-opening perspective that truly resonated with me and how I operate and think through things. She really seem 100% engaged with everyone sitting in the group, and her ideas, while sometimes focused on one individual, were transferable and permeable to the whole group. I have since made a conscious effort to shift how I think about my business and that has made a profound effect on how I build content and create ideas for my business in the future. I’m looking forward to following her workshops this year!” ~ Jessica Johnson, Body in Mind Massage

Lisa Hunter

“Diane has this seemingly magical way of causing me to say the most potent thing I could say about my work without even trying very hard.  When we’re talking, I find myself saying genius things about what I do, and it seems to just naturally happen.  It doesn’t feel difficult.  Instead, it feels easy and fun.

She also gives me insights and a-ha’s about what I’m actually providing and the benefit of it, so I come away having learned more about what I do in unexpected ways and knowing the value of what I provide. As a result, I feel more clear and I have a rich sense of what I’m offering.  In a very non-cookie cutter way, it ends up putting me in a frame of mind where I’m easily and enjoyably able to convey the essence of what I do. It actually becomes fun to market myself. Plus, she’s just really fun to work with, and I feel more like myself at the end of every session.” ~ Lisa Hunter, Founder/Director of Sacred House

Julia Sherman“You don’t play with my idealized notions or work in puffery.  You are encouraging, a tremendous coach meaning someone who knows how to lay out the traps but stay focused on the positive, inspiring and motivating. You are also the first one to say, feeling discouraged?  Get used to it and figure out how to rise above it – this is worth it but it’s not easy. You say it with more kindness and I LOVE  THIS about you.  I could go on and on but my bet is you get it.” ~ Julia Sherman, Coach

Stef Swink“Diane has been the most influential ingredient in bringing my business to life.  Her ability to pinpoint what has been in the way, and assist me in removing it, is uncanny.  It is second only to her innate skill in creating space for me to discover a vision of my work in the world that is clear, real and truly …Me. With her guidance I have made more progress and experienced more success than the previous 10 years I’ve been in business.  It is her genuine passion and commitment to my success that makes her so good – and ME so good! Our coaching group recently dubbed Diane, “The Business Doula.”  She has a very unique ability of helping bring forth healthy vibrant and flourishing businesses!  But more than that; Diane very literally helps make entrepreneurial dreams real.  If you really want to do your thing – to love it and succeed, Diane is the rock star you need.” ~ Stef Swink, Licensed Practitioner, Spiritual Adviser and Speaker

Barbra Fang Babcock“Diane is an amazingly motivational guide into this process. I feel more confident and clear about my concept and the possibility of what I can do with my business. I wanted to sneak into a business by starting a blog supported by a website. Now, I have a whole new understanding for what is possible. It was like throwing the door wide open and stepping through it! Diane helped me see that more was possible than I thought. I know that if I am true to who I am, holding to my core values, what I dream is possible, and so much more.” ~ Barbra Babcock, Intuitive and Energy Healer

Alexandra Davis“Clarity is like a magnet for the right people to find your business, and it is one of the most powerful forces in the creative process. I recommend Diane’s Get Clear process to every budding entrepreneur that I know, and I personally find it essential to launching a healthy and thriving business.” ~ Alexandra Davis, Diamond Star Acupuncture