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Get Clear

De-Bunking Marketing Myths

Let’s look at a few common misconceptions around marketing. Myth #1 – Marketing is complicated. Truth:  Marketing is simply talking with confidence and ownership about what you are passionate about. That’s it.

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Your Desires are Guiding You

What do you love about what you do? That’s the most important question you can ask yourself about your business. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think we should

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My Plea…

“The world is in trouble.” Big trouble. This is all I hear, from the media, my friends, my colleagues.  “The world is in trouble and things are going to get worse.” I

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Your Work Matters

Here’s the deal: when you spend your time devoted to your passion, and your effort is rewarded by testimonials, return customers, and payment for your efforts, things begin to shift. As you begin to see

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