Features and Benefits
Get Clear

Features v. Benefits

The distinction between Features and Benefits gives you the key to converting more sales. Features describe what your service or product actually is.   They describe the buttons, widgets, locations and other details

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woman edge of cliff

The 2 Biggest Excuses I Hear

“I’m not an expert” & “Someone else is already doing that.” I read somewhere that there is no such thing as confusion.  That if you’re confused, you’re simply refusing to listen.  Whether

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Photographer on log in nature

What Sets You Apart is Your Genius

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?  What are your Gifts? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s basically defined as whatever you do that is different—and probably better—than what everyone else

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Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy TED talk

  This talk by Amy Cuddy on How Our Body Language Shapes Who We Are is another TED talk I always recommend to all of my clients.  In fact, if you’ve attended

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The Appeal of Self-Sabotage

Have you ever had a really great, amazing experience where everything goes right and you can’t believe your good luck? Maybe you got a new, fancy client, or an awesome speaking opportunity,

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The Miracle is You

This video, The Miracle is You by Kute Blackson, is beautiful to me.  It always reminds me of the power within us and it softens me to what might be possible.  I

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