Why the Best Marketing is Very, Very Specific

The more specific your marketing is, the more effective it will be because it allows you to be very efficient.  If you’re reaching out to a very specific niche of people, you can talk directly to them about their problem and the solution that you can provide.

By demonstrating that you can directly help this small group of people with their big problem, you’ll automatically show other people how you might be able to help them, too.

The key here is to let your Sorta Right People figure that out on their own.  Let them see you doing your thing for your Right People and come to you for help.

For instance, if you specialize in teaching cooking classes for busy moms, your marketing can be very targeted and specific.  You can include snack-time recipes for kids and all kinds of things to make you irresistible to your Right People.

But, you will still end up working with dads, single women without kids, and who knows?  Maybe businesses and schools, too!  The key here is to let those people find you on your own.  You don’t have to market to them, they’ll decide for themselves if you can help them.  And if something in your work doesn’t pertain to them, they’ll ignore it or even adapt it to themselves. (This can actually be a great way for you to learn more about what you provide.)

Believe me, your Sorta Right People know what they need as well or better than you do.  They’ll be able to look at you and discern whether or not you can provide it.

But if you try to market to everyone, you’ll end up not convincing anyone.

You know what it’s like to watch a movie of a story that has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever experienced, yet because the story is told so well, you totally identify with the characters and are rooting for them?

A movie that tried to tell everyone’s story would be ridiculous and probably boring, but a specific story of a woman writer struggling to tell the story of African American women in the south in the 1940s, or the struggle of being a homosexual man in 1940s west suddenly becomes heart-wrenching, not because we necessarily know what it’s like to be those people, but because we so clearly see their specific struggle that we can identify it with the time we had to tell our wife that we just lost our job, or the time we had to stand up to the one who was abusing us, or the time we had to find the courage to go back to school.

It’s not the situation we identify with, it’s the struggle.

So, when you talk about your gifts and your Right Person’s Pain, you tell a story that other people can identify with.  Even people  you aren’t aiming for will reach out to you because they’ll identify with what you’re talking about.

But, when you cast your net too wide, your language and copy become so general that no one can identify with them.  So the key here is to get specific.  Very, very specific.love, Diane