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Amy Cuddy TED talk

Amy Cuddy TED talk

This talk by Amy Cuddy on How Our Body Language Shapes Who We Are is another TED talk I always recommend to all of my clients.  In fact, if you’ve attended one of my workshops, you’ll know that I frequently ask my participants to stand up and assume a power pose for a couple of minutes.  Once in a while, I’ll even run a workshop where I invite people to invent their own power poses.

Now, it might seem weird for a biz coach to be promoting a TED talk on body awareness, but it’s all about how our physiology impacts our mental and emotional states. While not expressly about business, this video and the research she’s done speaks to the importance of letting our bodies inform our experience.  The way your intentions get experienced through your body’s awareness will be critical for building your business’s overall, Diane

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