Dr. Amanda Hessel – Leading from the Heart in Business

If you’ve been wanting to feel more ease and joy while running your business this year, join us as I host Dr. Amanda Hessel to give a talk on how to lead from your heart in your business.

In this free webinar, she will share with us how to run a business with your heart leading (instead of your head) and still be incredibly successful and, more importantly, fulfilled.

She will talk about presence, surrender and joy in business, and will teach you a body-based technique that will help you find, feel and use your heart even when it seems to have disappeared in all the “should’s and “have to’s”.

Marketing yourself becomes a LOT easier (and more fun) because you’re not stuck in old stories like “There will never be enough clients” or “I can’t make enough money” or “I always do it wrong.”

Instead, those stories turn into confidence in your skills and joy in running your business. You get actually relax, open up, and enjoy the process of being an entrepreneur.

I personally have gotten so much out of Dr. Amanda’s work, and I’m thrilled to be hosting her for this talk. Please join us for some body-based wisdom for how to lead with your heart in your business.

Pre-Webinar Interview Videos:

The videos below are part of the series we did leading up to the webinar.  You’ll learn more about her story and my journey with her work in each one.

Part 1 of 3 of my interview with Dr. Amanda Hessel, where I talk a lot about trauma and it’s effects on my embodiment, and she shares how her work, Network Spinal Analysis, creates a new baseline of ease in our nervous systems so we can more easily and adeptly transform and grow.

Here’s the next video in my series with Dr. Amanda Hessel where we talk about Wonder Woman, power poses, and how Network Chiropractic can help you transform your experience of life.

Here’s our third video where Dr. Amanda dives deep into the power of bringing more energy to your business and how it can invite more ease and success.