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I admit it.  I love my Alexa.  If you do, too, you might like one of the Skills I’ve created in the Alexa store.  I have everything from a daily Flash Briefing with marketing tips and branding advice, to a business-inspired Magic 8 Ball Biz Coach to advise you on your business conundrums, to a simple library of my quotes and inspirations you can call on whenever you need to.  Enable one on your Alexa device today!

Flash Briefings

Ever wish you could get inside a business coach’s head?

Now you can!

Get my daily musings and thoughtful tips on sales, branding and online marketing.

Diane Whiddon's Inspired Biz Minute Flash Briefing logo

How to Listen:

1) Add the briefing to your Echo or your Dot (“Alexa, add the Inspired Biz Minute Flash Briefing).


2) Download the Alexa app (PC/Mac) and search for the Inspired Biz Minute. Once enabled, tap the circle Alexa button in the bottom center of the app and say “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

My Biz Coach

Designed to bring out your inner business coach, this light-hearted Alexa Skill (created to work like a business Magic 8 Ball) offers answers to your yes-or-no business questions.

Diane Whiddon's Alexa skills - My Biz Coach

How to Listen:

1) “Alexa, enable My Biz Coach.”

2) “Alexa, open My Biz Coach…” Or, “Alexa, ask My Biz Coach if I should raise my prices?” (or whatever your question is).

Inspired Biz Quotes

Get inspired quotes from my writing on how to Get Clear and unleash your inner business coach.

Diane Whiddon's Alexa skills - Inspired Biz Quotes

How to Listen

1) Alexa, enable “Inspired Biz Quotes.”

2) “Alexa, open Inspired Biz Quotes.” or “Alexa, give me an Inspired Biz Quote.”

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