I have developed two fun and fantastic Alexa skills to support you and your business.  First, I have a business-inspired Magic 8 Ball Biz Coach skill that will answer any yes or no question you ask, e.g. “Should I raise my prices?” “Will ever finish my book?” “Will I clear 5 figures next month?”  Second, there’s a simple library of my quotes and inspirations that you can call on whenever you need to.  Enable one (or all of them!) on your Alexa device today.

My Biz Coach

Designed to bring out your inner business coach, this light-hearted Alexa Skill (that works like a Magic 8 Ball) offers answers to your most confounding yes-or-no business questions.

You can read more about it on Amazon, or simply enable it today.  

Diane Whiddon's Alexa skills - My Biz Coach

How to Listen:

1) First, say “Alexa, enable My Biz Coach.”

2) Then, “Alexa, open My Biz Coach…” Or, “Alexa, ask My Biz Coach if I should raise my prices?” (or whatever you’d like to ask).

Inspired Biz Quotes

Get inspired quotes from my blogs, books, and other writings on how to reframe marketing and sales, and unleash your own wise and brilliant inner business coach.

You can read more about it on Amazon or simply enable it today.

Diane Whiddon's Alexa skills - Inspired Biz Quotes

How to Listen

1) First, say, “Alexa, enable Inspired Biz Quotes.”

2) Then say, “Alexa, open Inspired Biz Quotes.” or “Alexa, give me an Inspired Biz Quote.”