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"Diane is an awesome, dynamic, funny, conscious business coach who just gets it. I feel supported and directed by her business and marketing expertise as I grow my small business under her coaching. All of her knowledge of marketing and branding are combined with her coaching to help you hone in on your particular gifts, express your passion, and serve your right people.

She holds the bigger picture while I take the baby steps. In the end this makes it easy to want to put in the work build my business. I highly recommend Diane to everyone!"
Danielle Weiss of Mindful Healing Boulder
"Diane is vibrant, sassy, genuine and straight to the point. She has been pivotal in helping me gain clarity around my purpose for starting Mothers Moving Mountains and realizing that every service reflects my highest values and intentions. Her Get Clear process is flawless and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a vision that needs refinement and direction.

Diane offers compassion and meaningful connection with an unwavering capacity to ask the questions that ensure concrete understanding and clarity. Conversations with her are easy and fun, and I always walk away with a sense of vitality, inspiration and humor. I am so grateful for this woman and her gift to the world."
"This workshop helped me to own the gifts and talents that I have, which make the quality of the product I offer worth more than I realized. It helped me step into my own strength. That will help me run a practice that is successful and rewarding."
Molly Dyer - Acupuncturist Extraordinaire picture
Katya Slivinskaya
"Working with Diane was an absolute pleasure. She treated my vision with as much love and vigor as if it were her own - first giving me assignments to help me clarify my own vision, then sitting with me to hash out the colors and make sure all our design choices were just right. I asked Diane to design my logo as well; her aesthetic is clean and smart, without losing the element of fun.

I experienced Diane as a design wizard of sorts who has a unique knack for making sure your marketing materials convey the spirit of your offering.
"Diane has been so instrumental in helping me get really clear about who I am and what I do. Her Get Clear process helped me see how my deeply seated belief of 'only hard working people succeed' was actually becoming a barrier to my success. I learned to trust and let go more and work smarter, not harder. My practice is growing, as is my happiness and sense of peace!"
picture of Alexis Ornellas of Mana Counseling
Joetta Johnson
"I came to Diane because I had reached a point in my business where it was more painful to remain tightly in a bud than it was to bloom. I needed to spread my entrepreneurial wings, and knew I couldn't do it alone, nor did I want to. She had the marketing experience and mindset that I felt would be pivotal to my own growth with a spiritual foundation....

I keep breaking through my own mental barriers about marketing and product launches. I knew I had resistance and I needed the consistent accountability and coaching sessions in order to move through it. I feel like I am finally making progress in building out my own info products and have a more expanded version of how I can do it all in an authentic way!"
"If you haven’t caught one of the several splendid webinars DianeWhiddon has done with us on @ithemes, you’ve been missing out. She’s informative and inspiring."
Nathan Ingram Business Coach
Harper Phillips from WP Shout
"When our WPShout team went to WordCamp Denver last month I was fortunate enough to sit in on Diane’s talk and it stood out as an immensely valuable. She not only gives great advice for how to talk to speak with clients effectively and get to the heart of their business needs, but also has some amazing tips for small technical changes you can make that will have a huge impact on a site’s ROI."
“Diane approached our website full of love. She was extremely excited about its strengths and complimentary about the things that worked. When she suggested edits, she always gave sensible reasoning for those changes, and never made us feel pressured to change anything we weren’t comfortable with.

Conscious of our time, she efficiently went through the entire website, from top to bottom, not missing a thing. She asked us several times what questions she could answer, or what help we needed. The entire process validated the hard work I already put in to the website, and it gave me hope that, with a few tweaks here and there, we could have a dynamite, professional site.”
George Ira Carroll - The Breakthrough Coach picture
"Diane has a natural ability to generate excitement in her audience…I learned some simple, effective and easy to apply internet marketing ideas that have already produced results in my business. In thirty minutes, I had multiple ideas to implement into my business. Thanks Diane!"
“Diane has been the most influential ingredient in bringing my business to life. Her ability to pinpoint what has been in the way, and assist me in removing it, is uncanny. It is second only to her innate skill in creating space for me to discover a vision of my work in the world that is clear, real and truly …Me.

With her guidance I have made more progress and experienced more success than the previous 10 years I’ve been in business. It is her genuine passion and commitment to my success that makes her so good – and ME so good! Our coaching group recently dubbed Diane, “The Business Doula.” She has a very unique ability of helping bring forth healthy vibrant and flourishing businesses!

But more than that; Diane very literally helps make entrepreneurial dreams real. If you really want to do your thing – to love it and succeed, Diane is the rock star you need.”
Stef Swink - Spiritual Life Coach picture
Elise Campbell
"Diane has helped me focus my brand, so I can attract more of the clients I enjoy. I plan to continue to work with her to take my business to each new level. Diane's positive energy and genuine love of helping people has made working with her absolutely amazing!"
“I began my journey with Diane with an SEO workshop. She gave such great information in this class that I was excited to do the rest. I look forward every month to learning more, not just about my website presence but about me! She has such a unique way of teaching that really gets you involved and motivated in discovering yourself and your personal goals in your business.

I have grown leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur from her workshops and my company has taken huge turns of success. None of this would not be possible without her encouragement and knowledge. The workbooks she gives you further takes you step by step on your own. Talk about setting you up for success. I highly recommend anything she does!

Stats before her workshops: Average income per client $125 Google search page #16

Stats after her workshops: Average income per client $430 (and growing) Google search page #4

I cannot wait to continue my growth with Diane!”
picture of Erin Barahaus - Erin's Candid Moments
"Diane Whiddon is the *best* business coach a girl could ask for...being your client has been a gift beyond measure. The insights, the depths that we traveled to, are priceless."
"Gosh Diane! I want you to know that you are quite Brilliant!! I am so in love with how you tune in, see clearly, and verbalize impeccably about what works and what doesn't.

You truly impress me and I thank you for your insights from the bottom of my heart. I feel so trusting and safe with your recommendations."
Julie Tara
Jessica Johnson
“I came to the Get Clear workshop not having many expectations if only because I wasn’t sure what the scope would cover. That said, I was completely blown away.

Diane gave an entirely new and eye-opening perspective that truly resonated with me and how I operate and think through things. She was really 100% engaged with everyone sitting in the group, and her ideas, while sometimes focused on one individual, were transferable and permeable to the whole group.

I have since made a conscious effort to shift how I think about my business and that has made a profound effect on how I build content and create ideas for my business in the future. I’m looking forward to following her workshops this year!”
“Your words about how my sharing is affirming to the universe what I am passionately here to share helped me to speak about my work and my expertise. Your insights are so incredibly valuable. I know I’ve said this before but I am so truly grateful you’re in my life!!! From my heart and soul, thank you Diane!!”
Mandy Greenlee
Erin Hernandez
"The website review was really helpful for tech knowledge. I had no idea what SEO is and how it might help my website and having even a little insight was very helpful. Having a trained, professional pair of eyes looking at the site is great because sometimes when you have looked at something so long, you can’t tell anymore what needs help and what doesn’t.

The help with my blog was so fun and helpful, which is a part of what I like about working with you Diane. Not only do you get real help, it’s usually fun too, so it doesn’t feel like so much work.”
“Diane has been an enormous support and asset for my business. She’s helped me create a cohesive brand and consistent language that both clearly communicates what I do and attracts my right people.

After working with Diane and implementing her process, I regularly get feedback from clients and colleagues that they are impressed with how my site looks and how easy it is to navigate. Diane is not only an amazing expert at what she does, but she truly loves her clients and actually makes the daunting aspects of branding and marketing fun.”
Jessica Fern Cooley
Alexandra Davis
“In a time when launching my business felt heavy and uncomfortable and full of fears, Diane’s coaching process re-connected me with my purpose and my passion about what I do. The information I uncovered is like a well of inspiration and clarity that I can always come back to when I feel challenged by the entrepreneurial path.

It was also very valuable to me by helping me to discern my exact interests in the services I offer, and the exact clients I am seeking. This helped me formulate my marketing messages, my website content, and how I speak to potential clients about what I do. Clarity is like a magnet for the right people to find your business, and it is one of the most powerful forces in the creative process.”
"I’ve had business coaches in the past that over-promised and under delivered. Not Diane. My coaching experience with her has been amazing, way beyond anything I could have expected. Her skill and talent has helped me get really clear on what I offer and who my right people are. Suddenly marketing is not only fun and easy, but I’m getting results.

I have gone from 2 Independent Contractors in a small office to 5 employees, a larger, brand new office and HUGE growth in my business in less than a year. That’s not even the best thing. Diane has a gift for seeing what is really holding you back in your business and supporting you to make the big (and sometimes scary!) changes it takes to grow yourself so that your business can grow in a way that truly supports your soul purpose.

Diane is more than a business coach or a branding coach, although her expertise in both of these areas is mind-blowing. Diane has created a path to clarifying who you are and who you serve in a way that leaves you no other option to shine your light bright and share your gifts with the world with confidence. She does this with years of experience, gentle guidance and a deep love for those that she works with."
Sarah Ferree
Barbra Fang Babcock
"The nugget of what you do is 'motivational inspiration' cloaked in marketing and internet savvy. I feel so blessed to connect with you.

You are an amazingly motivational guide into this process. I feel more confident and clear about my concept and the possibility of what I can do with my business. I wanted to sneak into a business by starting a blog supported by a website.

Now, I have a whole new understanding for what is possible. It was like throwing the door wide open and stepping through it! Diane helped me see that more was possible than I thought. I know that if I am true to who I am, holding to my core values, what I dream is possible, and so much more.”
“Diane is not only a social marketing genius and a business guru, she’s also an incredibly genuine, funny, and inspirational person to work with… It wasn’t simply the fact that Diane is an effective business woman, it was also that she helped me to finally comprehend that running my own business effectively and successfully was entirely possible– and doing anything other than what I truly wanted to was, simply put, a waste of my talent, energy and time…

I’m incredibly happy with her services, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life regarding their small business goals, following their dreams, and doing what they’re actually meant to be doing in life.”
Heidi Keyes, artist
Author Jen Maitlen
“I cannot say enough great things about Diane! She is a genius when it comes to websites and all things marketing. This whole process was a positive, educational and successful. Not only did I learn so much, but she patiently listened to and answered my questions.

I would highly recommend Diane and her company to anyone in need of website and/or marketing advice. She’s a strategist and definitely someone you want in your corner!”
Author Jennifer Maitlen
“Diane’s group coaching sessions have completely transformed my business and my relationship to my work. She is more than a coach- she’s a Sherpa, a midwife, a drill Sargent, and a cheerleader.

Most importantly, she holds a mirror up to you and your business and shows you all of the gifts you bring to the world. The clients she attracts into her group coaching setting are top notch. Their presence creates a community of support that is a balm for us solo-preneurs who spend our days working in our own little bubbles.

I am so grateful for the wisdom she has shared with me these last 6 months and I can see the results of our work manifested in my business every day!”
Christy Decatur
Event Planner and Coach
Christy Decatur - Wedding and Event Planning Specialist picture
Julia Bershenyi, Elements and Tides
“I have had occasion in the past few months to find myself doing marketing DW style. Sometimes I feel I should pinch myself because, guess what? It doesn’t feel like marketing. Not only that, I find I am thinking strategically at times, and it doesn’t feel slimy at all! I am seeing in so many ways how the work we did together has benefitted me, as I know it will continue to do. I’m so grateful.”
"Thank you for the Get Clear process. Completing it, as you said, was a little tough. I really had to stop and think deeply. Several great things happened for me. I became crystal clear that this healing path is absolutely what I'm supposed to be doing.....any lingering doubts I had have been completely extinguished. That alone is wonderful, but there's more. Your questions took me to "places" I've never been before. I knew that I loved my new vocation, but I didn't realize how much! Nor did I notice, until you brought it up, that my work actually energizes me and makes me feel good.

The exercises also helped me get clear on the marketing tools I want to use, and I feel some enthusiasm now, that I didn't feel before. My fears of the marketing piece of my business have mostly fallen away. Your Mini Get Clear was a home run for me.....I am very happy with my new-found clarity, it feels great!! Thank you again."
Patricia Kenney
Body Code Healing
Patricia Kenney
Adam Seitz, The Soul's Thread
"The Get Clear process is clear and thorough, filled with beautiful 'aha!' moments.  After working through the process, I feel very comfortable in my message and am very aware that it is created from within.  What I am doing is a beautiful reflection of myself."
Adam Seitz
The Soul's Thread
“You really helped me find the little gold ember in my heart, and bring it out in my copy. THAT is so valuable…. I now know WHO I am talking to, and WHY I bother talking in the first place. You helped me step into my ideal client’s skin, and experience her pain and longing. Now I know why my work is so important, and it’s easy for me to convey in my writing and my speaking.

Every time I write new copy or create a new product, I go back to my notes from our meeting and get super clear on what my purpose is. Your support and encouragement throughout this growth process has been absolutely vital, and if I could grab every single one of my entrepreneur friends into your office, I would.”
Lilly Calfee
Lisa Hunter
“Diane has this seemingly magical way of causing me to say the most potent thing I could say about my work without even trying very hard. When we’re talking, I find myself saying genius things about what I do, and it seems to just naturally happen. It doesn’t feel difficult. Instead, it feels easy and fun.

She also gives me insights and a-ha’s about what I’m actually providing and the benefit of it, so I come away having learned more about what I do in unexpected ways and knowing the value of what I provide.

As a result, I feel more clear and I have a rich sense of what I’m offering. In a very non-cookie cutter way, it ends up putting me in a frame of mind where I’m easily and enjoyably able to convey the essence of what I do. It actually becomes fun to market myself.

Plus, she’s just really fun to work with, and I feel more like myself at the end of every session.”
“I attended Diane’s seminar on websites and social media…. She is a genius! I got so much information that I can use right away and a wonderful teacher and mentor to help me navigate the social media world. Great class Diane, thank you!”
The Nacho Men
Chef Angela Huang
“I’m am so grateful to have experienced your amazing work in this world. I feel like you truly see and understand me and the love, care, support, compassion, and insight you have so generously given me has been pivotal in my growth and since I am my biz, the growth of my bubbling empire. You bring power and empowerment to situations. You see the strengths in people and situations when they might have trouble themselves and you help us uncover our gifts.”
Angela Huang
“You don’t play with my idealized notions or work in puffery. You are encouraging, a tremendous coach meaning someone who knows how to lay out the traps but stay focused on the positive, inspiring and motivating. You are also the first one to say, feeling discouraged? Get used to it and figure out how to rise above it – this is worth it but it’s not easy. You say it with more kindness and I LOVE THIS about you. I could go on and on but my bet is you get it.”
Julia Sherman
Coach and Consultant
Julia Sherman
Cheri Jensen
“I have had the pleasure of hearing Diane speak, she is highly knowledgeable as well as upbeat and positive. It is a pleasure learning from her, I walked away having laughed and learned and feeling like I was prepared to soar.”
Cheri Jensen
Investment Advisor

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