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The Official Bio:

Diane Whiddon

I’m a brand strategy expert.  For the last thirteen years, I’ve been helping people build bigger businesses by building brand strategies that align with their values.

After ten years of owning my own website design company, I learned a lot about why some companies succeeded and some didn’t.  More than anything else, a business’s success depends on their brand’s coherence and cohesiveness. 

Now, after selling my company in 2015, I bring my background in design and development to my marketing and sales knowledge to help my clients build complete, powerful, effective brands.  

Since powerful branding is the source of successful business, the best clients for me are heart-centered entrepreneurs who are willing to grow and expand their reach.  


Diane WhiddonI was born and raised in Florida, which I managed to escape when I was 30.  I lived a few years in Chicago, and then finally found my home in Boulder, Colorado.

I didn’t see snow until I was 26.

I’ve danced and done yoga all my life.

My favorite food is anything curry or cinnamon, though I’m mostly vegetarian these days. #bacon

I listen to everything from the Indigo Girls to Nicki Minaj, and Fall Out Boy to Breaking Benjamin.

My favorite color is #ac0039 (obviously) and orange, though I’m also a sucker for teal.

I ski, which is to say that I ride the lifts and slowly cruise down the greenest of the green runs.

I rarely eat sweets, but when I do, it’s always almond croissants.

Diane doing yoga over a beer barrel.

What I believe:

Diane Whiddon

Your natural state is joyful, esteemed and abundant.

It is your birthright to be joyful and fulfilled by your work. It is your natural state to experience the world as having abundant money and opportunities. And you deserve to feel and know the value of your contribution. In fact, the world will not work without it.

It is my job to help you recognize where you’re blocking your own success and happiness by first and foremost always seeing the wholeness and perfection of Who You Are

Because that’s really who I work for.

Your highest self/soul/intuition/whatever you want to call it, is the best source for your business advice. And really, that’s who you and I will be working for.  

Yes, I know a ton about business strategy, marketing, websites and online things, but ultimately, I want you to live your life’s purpose, and nothing has more insight into that than your best self.  

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See me in action:

Websites as Story – Creating Compelling Content from Wordcamp Denver 2016

How to Create Profitable Content (Get Clear) and Slideshow from Wordcamp Denver 2015

Critique-Press Rapid Fire Critique panelist at Wordcamp Denver 2015

Marketing for Author Entrepreneurs at Colorado Romance Writers

Get Clear and Be More Profitable talk (with corresponding slides) at Business Honoring Spirituality – January 2014

Video Interview with Casey Shivers, an I Am Well Conversation

Blogging and Marketing talk to local BNI chapter – November 2013

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