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A Note on these Articles…

A Note on these Articles…

Hi, beautiful soul.  Thank you for visiting my blog and reading some of my thoughts.  I’m grateful, and I hope that these posts and videos give you some insights and clarity on how to be more of who you are.

In addition to writing about branding and marketing, I talk about the ways that marginalized people are often forced to choose between authentic expression and safety and/or comfort in our world.

This happens when we know in our bones how we’d like to run our businesses, or market ourselves, or even dress and present ourselves, but until we get fed up with our own self-compromise, we’ll act outside our own desires because it’s easier to fit in and get along than it is to be who we truly are.

Fighting back against the tendency to self-compromise, and finding ways to allow our authenticity, is what my work is all about, whether I’m helping an executive get clear on her brand identity, or encouraging an entrepreneur to own her magnificence in her marketing strategy.

Therefore, in addition to business, I also talk in these posts about issues where self-compromise and fragmenting are common, like queer issues, body acceptance, pole-dancing, feminism, and trauma, along with a host of other things that you might find triggering.  I mention trigger warnings where I think they’re appropriate, so be on the lookout for those if you’re in a spot where you need some self-care.

Above all, please take care of yourself, enjoy your time here, learn a thing or two, and please reach out to me on the social places if you have any questions about marketing, branding, or anything else.

May you find the courage today to say no to one more thing that’s holding you back from the life you deserve, and yes to a new form of support.

love, Diane

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