In this fast-moving coaching package, we’ll create all the written content you’ll need for a compelling, effective website that sounds like you AND grows your business.

And it will be fun.  I promise.

You’ve probably heard my spiel that a great website should be more than just an online business card with your bio and directions to your office.  Instead, it can be a dynamic tool that actively works for you and your business by selling your products and bringing in clients you’ll love to work with.

All in a way that feels good to you and makes it easy for you to market yourself. That’s what this package is all about.

What to Expect:

When you sign up, I’ll send you an easy guidebook to walk you through finding some of the most compelling language for your website.  This part is all about finding language that is fun and easy to say and write.

(Srsly, this part is all about celebrating your gifts and figuring out how to talk about them to attract your people.  This part feels great.)  Even if you’ve got some of your website content written, we don’t want to skip this step.

Diane Whiddon at her computerThen, for eight weeks, you and I will meet once a week via phone or Zoom to go over what you’ve created.  I will typically rewrite it for you out loud on the spot, and since all our sessions will be recorded, you’ll be able to transcribe what we talked about for easy editing.

In the first seven sessions, we’ll create your Services page, About page, Contact page, Homepage, and a page for how you’ll get your work out into the world (Events, Books, Classes, etc.)  We might also work on one sales page for an upcoming event or product if you have one.

In our last session, we can either work on your subscribe page and auto-responder/confirmation emails, or we can talk about blogging and social media strategy to get more traffic to your new, authentically-you, copy-shined site.

What You’ll Get:

At the end of our work together, you’ll have at least five pages of cohesive, compelling copy that sounds and feels like meeting you in person.  It will be designed to attract your Right People and get them to do what you want them to do, e.g. sign up for your list, sign up for a free session, buy your widget, attend your whatsit, etc.

More importantly, you will feel more empowered and clear on the benefit you bring to your clients and, armed with this new language, your overall marketing strategy will become sooo much easier and more fun. (I know, I know. Marketing = fun?  Yes, it really can be. Sharing your brilliance with people you can really serve is a good time.)

Plus, rather than having just hired someone to write all of your content for you, you’ll be empowered and educated on how to continue to create great content moving forward.


Eight 1-hour sessions, a guidebook or two, some bonus marketing strategy and professional, effective website content that will draw your Right People to you.

Some Nice Things My Right People Have Said:

Lisa Hunter“Diane has this seemingly magical way of causing me to say the most potent thing I could say about my work without even trying very hard.  When we’re talking, I find myself saying genius things about what I do, and it seems to just naturally happen.  It doesn’t feel difficult.  Instead, it feels easy and fun.

She also gives me insights and a-ha’s about what I’m actually providing and the benefit of it, so I come away having learned more about what I do in unexpected ways and knowing the value of what I provide.

As a result, I feel more clear and I have a rich sense of what I’m offering.  In a very non-cookie cutter way, it ends up putting me in a frame of mind where I’m easily and enjoyably able to convey the essence of what I do. It actually becomes fun to market myself.

Plus, she’s just really fun to work with, and I feel more like myself at the end of every session.”

– Lisa Hunter, Founder/Director of Sacred House

Julie Tara“Gosh Diane! I want you to know that you are quite Brilliant!! I am so in love with how you tune in, see clearly, and verbalize impeccably about what works and what doesn’t. You truly impress me and I thank you for your insights from the bottom of my heart.

I feel so trusting and safe with your recommendations…”

Julie Tara, author and entrepreneur


picture of Erin Barahaus - Erin's Candid Moments“I began my journey with Diane and Novel Website Design with an SEO workshop. She gave such great information in this class that I was excited to do the rest. I look forward every month to learning more, not just about my website presence but about me! She has such a unique way of teaching that really gets you involved and motivated in discovering yourself and your personal goals in your business.

I have grown leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur from her workshops and my company has taken huge turns of success. None of this would not be possible without her encouragement and knowledge. The workbooks she gives you further takes you step by step on your own. Talk about setting you up for success. I highly recommend anything she does!

Stats before her workshops:

  • Average income per client $125
  • Google search page #16

Stats after her workshops:

  • Average income per client $430 (and growing)
  • Google search page #4

I cannot wait to continue my growth with Diane!”

~ Erin Barajas, Erin’s Candid Moments

Once Again, with Feeling:

  • 8 hours with me
  • Get Clear on Your Gifts and How to Talk About Them Guidebook
  • Easy Website Content Guidebook
  • Completed Homepage
  • Completed About page
  • Completed Services/Work with Me page
  • Completed Contact page
  • Completed method page (Events, Books, etc.)
  • Optional Sales page
  • Optional Blogging strategy session or list-building session

Diane Whiddon