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Diane Whiddon

Hi. I’m Diane.

I’m a marketing and branding expert, and I help healers succeed in business without self-compromise.  We develop clear language and style around what you’re best at so that you become a magnet for new clients.

This creates a clear and congruent brand identity that is in more alignment with who you really are.  Growing your business then becomes easier and more joyful.  

Instead of coercing or convincing people to work with you, I show you how to embrace your gifts in such a way that marketing becomes an effortless declaration of Who You Are.

Then, elevator pitches become Declarations of Commitment, marketing strategies become more about your being than your doing, and your business becomes love and service in action.

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My Mission Statement in Under Two Minutes:


About Diane





Marketing Guru Diane Whiddon


“I am so grateful for the wisdom Diane has shared with me these last 6 months and I can see the results of our work manifested in my business every day!”

Christy Decatur - Wedding and Event Planning Specialist picture

"This workshop helped me to own the gifts and talents that I have, which make the quality of the product I offer worth more than I realized.  It helped me step into my own strength. That will help me run a practice that is successful and rewarding."

Molly Dyer - Acupuncturist Extraordinaire picture

"Diane Whiddon is the best coach I know for helping women find their voice."

Larry Byram of Higher Alignment

Larry Byram, Higher Alignment

"Diane has been so instrumental in helping me get really clear about who I am and what I do.  Her Get Clear process helped me see how my deeply seated belief of 'only hard working people succeed' was actually becoming a barrier to my success.  I learned to trust and let go more and work smarter, not harder.  My practice is growing, as is my happiness and sense of peace!"

picture of Alexis Ornellas of Mana Counseling

Alexis Ornellas, Mana Counseling

"The nugget of what you do is 'motivational inspiration' cloaked in marketing and internet savvy. I feel so blessed to connect with you."

Barbra Fang Babcock

"Diane has been the most influential ingredient in bringing my business to life.... With her guidance I have made more progress and experienced more success than the previous 10 years I’ve been in business."

Stef Swink - Spiritual Life Coach picture

"Diane has a natural ability to generate excitement in her audience…I learned some simple, effective and easy to apply internet marketing ideas that have already produced results in my business. In thirty minutes, I had multiple ideas to implement into my business. Thanks Diane!"

George Ira Carroll - The Breakthrough Coach picture

"I began my journey with Diane with an SEO workshop… I have grown leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur from her workshops and my company has taken huge turns of success. None of this would not be possible without her encouragement and knowledge."

picture of Erin Barahaus - Erin's Candid Moments

Erin Barajas, Erin's Candid Moments

My Mission:

For you to witness and recognize your own brilliance, get reconnected to your dreams, and fall in love with your business (and yourself) all over again. 

From THAT place you can take more risks, expand your reach, and interact with the world in a bigger way.