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Ready to unleash your inner business coach?

There is so much information out there on how to market and grow your business. How do you choose what to listen to?  What if you could learn all the business stuff you wanted AND unleash the wise, brilliant part of you that already knows how to run it? 

That’s what I do. 


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The Solopreneur Quotient

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Diane Whiddon Business Coaching

Hi, I'm Diane.

I love clean food, reality tv (especially The Profit), my little laptop that I’m practically attached to, and helping entrpreneurs get bigger businesses by following their intuition and soul’s desire.

I especially enjoy working with healers and creatives, but I’m at my best with anyone who loves what they do.

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Embodying Your Biz

I get a lot of confused looks when I talk about embodiment in your business. I guess it seems strange that a business coach is rattling on about ‘feeling’ and ‘being’ all the time. But,

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These are terms I use all the time.  I’ll keep adding to this as time goes on, but I thought it might be useful to put them all in one place.  They’re in a mild

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My Mission Statement in Under Two Minutes:

My Hope for Your Business:

For you to witness and recognize your own brilliance, get reconnected to your dreams, and fall in love with your business (and yourself) all over again.

Because from THAT place you can take more risks, expand your reach, and interact with the world in a bigger way.

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