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Diane Whiddon - Business Coach

Hi there, I’m Diane.

I’m a brand strategist for leaders and executives When you work with me, we’ll build a business strategy that succeeds and feels good to you.  

When you discover the clear and congruent brand identity that is in alignment with who you really are, growing your business and career gets easier and way more fun.   

Instead of  convincing people to work with you, marketing becomes a declaration of your magnificence. And accelerating your career becomes something you do not just for your company, but for your soul as well.  

Read more about my work to see what might work for you. Or, contact me for a free 20 min call to see if we’re a good fit.

My Mission Statement in Under Two Minutes:

lighthouse at night

About the Get Clear Process

Because your best business coach is always you. Get Clear is my signature process for helping you identify who your ideal clients are and how you most want to serve them.  We use the information we

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Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

Sharing our lives with other entrepreneurs supports us, not just with practical advice and feedback, but because watching and listening to other entrepreneurs going through similar things supports our own choices and erodes the influence of

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My Mission:

For you to witness and recognize your own brilliance, get reconnected to your dreams, and fall in love with your business (and yourself) all over again.

From THAT place you can take more risks, expand your reach, and interact with the world in a bigger way.

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