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FREE Workshops

Every other month I teach at least one workshop on how to make your business better.  These are what’s coming up …

Get Clear on Your Brand

A free 90-minute class on how you can build your own brand identity.  We’ll go over design, color schemes, typography, language and other style elements to attract your Right People.

How to Create a Non-Icky Elevator Pitch

In this workshop, my goal is not to teach you how to do a great elevator pitch. It’s to give you space to be more of you, everywhere, all the time, so that a great elevator pitch is natural and effortless to create.

Selling from the Floor

This workshop is all about talking about your work in a way that naturally and easily shows (not just tells) your Right People how you can make their lives better.

Diane Whiddon Marketing Workshop

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Diane Whiddon Workshops

“I began my journey with Diane and Novel Website Design with an SEO workshop. She gave such great information in this class that I was excited to do the rest. I look forward every month to learning more, not just about my website presence but about me! She has such a unique way of teaching that really gets you involved and motivated in discovering yourself and your personal goals in your business.

I have grown leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur from her workshops and my company has taken huge turns of success. None of this would not be possible without her encouragement and knowledge. The workbooks she gives you further takes you step by step on your own. Talk about setting you up for success. I highly recommend anything she does!

Stats before her workshops:

  • Average income per client $125
  • Google search page #16

Stats after her workshops- as of today 6.4.15:

  • Average income per client $430 (and growing)
  • Google search page #4

I cannot wait to continue my growth with Diane!”

– Erin Barajas, Erin’s Candid Moments

“The nugget of what you do is “motivational inspiration” cloaked in website design and internet savvy. I feel so blessed to connect with you.”

– Barbra Fang Babcock