Get Clear

Get Clear Intro

This is a quick, seven-ish minute intro into my Get Clear process, including how you can use it to troubleshoot problems in your marketing and branding strategies, particularly, where blocks might be stopping you, or where you might be in danger of taking actions that don’t align with you.  

Diane Whiddon and Lisa Hunter

Eat the Cookie!

Sometimes work is really fun. When I’m creating, or working with a client, or sometimes when I’m co-working with a friend, I have a lot of fun at work. That’s especially true when I’m spending time with Lisa Hunter. When we get together, we share brilliant ideas, frank feedback, and some very goofy laughs. And since a lot of our …

Photographer on log in nature

What Sets You Apart is Your Genius

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?  What are your Gifts? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s basically defined as whatever you do that is different—and probably better—than what everyone else in your field is doing. These are things you do easily and with delight.  They’re also things that you’re very good at.  They are your gifts.  And the …

How My Coaching Works

My coaching work has been born from the many workshops I’ve given over the last several years about how to get people in touch with what they love about what they do. I’ve been amazed by how many people say that they want to do something for themselves or their businesses, and then simply can’t.  For me, I was a …

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De-Bunking Marketing Myths

Let’s look at a few common misconceptions around marketing. Myth #1 – Marketing is complicated. Truth:  Marketing is simply talking with confidence and ownership about what you are passionate about. That’s it. It isn’t convincing people to work with you, following someone else’s weird strategy that doesn’t make sense to you, or being/saying/doing anything that isn’t authentic to you. It …