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Passive Income Mastermind

But, you’re just not sure where to get started, how to create it, or how to monetize it?

This Passive Income Mastermind may be exactly what you need to make it a success.

I’ve been working with clients for over eleven years on how to create beautiful and effective online businesses.  I’ve built gorgeous websites, helped hundreds of people with social media and online marketing strategies, and I’ve seen how difficult it can be to make the leap to passive income.  From what I’ve seen, there are two reasons why:

1. It takes TIME to create intellectual property.A man looks up at a road rising to the sky.

Books take time to write.  Classes take time to build.  Goodness knows, video takes time (and energy) to create.  Building a successful body of passive income can take a while, but it doesn’t have to take forever.


Starting your business is bad enough.  I’ve seen more than my share of freakouts about launching a website and suddenly becoming visible to the entire planet.

Creating products is an entirely new ballgame.  Now, you’re not just visible to the entire planet, but you want to declare your expertise to the entire planet.  It’s the difference between, “Hey, look at me!” and, “Hey!  Listen to me, do what I say, and send me money!”

This brings up a cornucopia of fears around everything from being judged to fears around receiving and getting wealthy.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult and you don’t have to do it alone.

With the right community around you, and the right amount of time and education, building your own army of passive income products and then training your affiliates who believe in you can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

That’s why I’ve developed this Passive Income Mastermind.

What this mastermind is:

Leap and the net will appear. quote on tableThis program is designed to help you create products, books, courses, and downloads that will serve your Right People and grow your reach.

It’s about doing more of your work in the world and reaching a bigger audience.  

This is a 6 month program designed to support, inspire and educate you through the creation and launch of your passive income streams.

We’ll meet once a month for four hours on the third Wednesday of the month.  I’ll give a lesson, and then we’ll spend coaching time on where everyone’s questions and confusion are.

I will give you a clear, simple map and sales funnel for your creation, but you’ll also have options to expand and try new things.

We’ll also have monthly Q&A calls to get your questions answered.

We’ll also have a bonus workday at a TBD location where we’ll gather for a longer day to crank out our creations, share what we’ve been doing, and support each other.

We’ll also have a private Facebook group just for us, so we can keep in touch, share our victories, and support each other throughout this process.

This course is designed to be personal and intimate and will be limited to 8 people.

What to Expect:

Each month we’ll cover a certain topic designed to help you develop your products, sales funnel, and online strategy.

What we’ll cover:

September: Brand Clarity and Product Alignment

This month we’ll focus on making sure our brand identities are air-tight, and that our product ideas are in alignment with our businesses.  This will make our overall marketing much easier down the line.

October: Building Your Sales and Product Funnel

This month we’ll learn the basics of product creation and sales funnels to make sure that what we create has a solid platform and foundation for long-term success, and that it contributes to building our businesses.

November: The Art of the Click-Funnel

Online marketing has lots of fun terms like click-funnels, tripwires, and lead magnets.  This month we’ll learn them all, and also establish which ones your particular products will need.

December: Catch-up and Q&A

This where we’ll finish creating our products and hone our funnels, sales copy and content.  We’ll cover anything that you’re not super clear on to wrap things up.  Next month begins the launch and promo learning.

January: Launch Strategy

It’s an art, but it’s not rocket-science.  We’ll develop the launch strategy that is just right for you.  We want it to be easy and fun for you to promote.

February: Affiliate Marketing and Training Your Team

This is the ultimate fun stuff.  This month is all about how to recruit and train the team of people who love you and your work to help you get it out into the world.


  • Six monthly four-hour classes to teach you how to create and monetize your very own intellectual property
  • Monthly Q&A teleclasses to share our progress and ask questions
  • A private Facebook group to share our ideas and triumphs
  • A special VIP Work Day to work together and get things done


My office conference room at:

2405 Broadway
Boulder CO 80304


Third Wednesday of each month, beginning September 20th for six months.


4:00pm – 8:00pm (feel free to bring your own dinner, there is a fridge and microwave downstairs)


$2,497 in advance 

or $497 a month 

Email me to Apply Now


You need to know what you’d like to create!  This program is for you if you’ve already been considering creating something.  If you don’t have any idea of what you’d like to teach, create, or birth into the world, then this isn’t for you.

I’m also going to ask that you be interested and willing to make a time commitment to yourself and your business.  Creating products, writing books, and building a strategy takes time.  You’re going to need and want to have time in your schedule outside of our classes to work on things.

You’ll need to already be very clear on your brand and marketing message.  We’ll spend our time getting strategic and specific on your product funnel, so you’ll need to have your overall business strategy very clear and specific.

Diane Whiddon at tableFor instance, you’ll need to be able to answer these questions:

  1. What is your business name and tagline?
  2. Who is your primary demographic?
  3. How do they change when they work with you?

Want to find out more?  Shoot me an email and ask.

Email me to see if this program is right for you

and start creating your online products today.