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SEO 101 – What You Need to Know First

A well-optimized site can bring you more business and name recognition than the most expensive advertising out there.  But with so many people talking about it and so much information to wade through, much of it contradictory, how can you tell the difference between what’s helpful and what’s hype? In this post, I’m going to demystify some of the hype …

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An Easier, Softer Way to Run Your Business

There is an easier, softer way to run your business.  A way that isn’t about pushing through what’s hard, or succumbing to your circumstances. The easier, softer way is about encompassing both your power to make decisions and your flexibility with life.  It’s about maximizing what’s in front of you with clear strategy, and big, wide openness. This way affirms …

Get Clear

Get Clear Intro

This is a quick, seven-ish minute intro into my Get Clear process, including how you can use it to troubleshoot problems in your marketing and branding strategies, particularly, where blocks might be stopping you, or where you might be in danger of taking actions that don’t align with you.  

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If My Brand Were A …

  Ever do a Mood Board for your brand? This is fun, easy way to get some clarity on your brand identity, i.e. what you’re taking a stand for in the world. Check out this quick example I did for my biz coaching brand for my 6 month program.  

Diane Whiddon and Lisa Hunter

Eat the Cookie!

Sometimes work is really fun. When I’m creating, or working with a client, or sometimes when I’m co-working with a friend, I have a lot of fun at work. That’s especially true when I’m spending time with Lisa Hunter. When we get together, we share brilliant ideas, frank feedback, and some very goofy laughs. And since a lot of our …